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Rooster Teeth Wipeout Course!

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Metlover's Avatar Metlover
Level 41 : Master Architect
LEEEEEEET'S PLAY! This Wipeout Course, lovingly recreated by hand from Rooster Teeth's Minecraft Let's Play Episode 10-11, is the new and improved way to wipeout on the track. Updated to be 1.4.5 Compatible! The way you play is this: Timing your run, start at the bed, rush out and climb the Ladder of Kingdoms, go down the Waterfall of Sploosh, over the Lava Jumps, under the Windows of False Hope, scale the Ladder of Heroes, make the Leap of Kingdoms (not to be confused with the Ladder of Kingdoms) through the Wall of Lava, into the Forrest of Mystery, don Pumpkin Vision, leap the Glass of Confusion, navigate through the Maze of Hatred, go Cakeless, rise through the Waterfalls (did you catch that? Plurality!) of Sploosh, climb to the Tippy-Tippy Top, and then leap down into the 1x1 block of water. Yep, it's about as simple as that. Be sure to subscribe, to be notified as to when I post the final map in my Rooster Teeth series. Have fun guys!

Additional Notes

This map has been modified from it's original version. Due to updates, some of the obstacles no longer work, such as the Forrest of Mystery and the Crusher. The Forrest of Mystery is now a time waster, meant to kill time, however, the Crusher was cut completely. In addition, some of the obstacles were boosted in difficulty, such as the Glass of Confusion, due to the fact that the obstacles are easier on the PC. This map is property of Rooster Teeth, and if they have a problem with my maps being up, I will gladly take it down.
CreditMetlover, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Metlover 11/24/2012 2:11:24 pmNov 24th, 2012

Added .schematic file, for those of you who want to place it on servers. Enjoy!

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