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8/20/16 Edit: We have built a new atlantis-themed town, building a jungle town, and we even have Mordor now!

Some features we have: A Player-Owned Shop, npcs, Boats, planes, (Driveable!) and money!

And the best part is.............. We have a fully-working Magic plugin with over 100 spells!!!

Also, the whitelist has been removed so anyone can join now and we have left pre-alpha and come into open alpha!

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I have a server!

So recently I made a server called RPG Craft. It is right now a work in progress with all of the crazy ideas we have. Any players or helpers that could join would be great!

It is an mmorpg server with a medieval world. We are thinking of making a pirate, future, and other crazy worlds!

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Progress40% complete

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