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(S1) The Tomb of Horrors

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The Tomb of Horrors (S1) is possibly the most well-known of modules for the original Dungeons and Dragons. Adventure into the tomb of Acererak and meet your grisly fate within a few seconds, most likely! But with the glory of minecraft, you can keep throwing yourself into the meat grinder over and over again to try and eventually break through to the end, and retrieve the skull and treasures of the Demi-lich Acererak!
Recreated as faithfully as possible in vanilla minecraft 1.12.2. There were a few things I had to slightly alter the design of the dungeon for, to accommodate unique traps and treasure mechanics, and there were one or two features I couldn't implement due to the game's mechanics, but it will do the job of killing you over and over again even better than the original.

"The Dark Souls of Minecraft!" - Typical game "Journalist"

Interesting traps to challenge and frustrate you
Hidden doors.
So many hidden doors.
4 unique classes with varied playstyles
A faithful recreation of a classic

Recommended 2-4 players, although it can manage any number, it just gets a tad chaotic.
CreditGary Gygax
Progress100% complete

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