SBA Venturian

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Level 45 : Master Grump
The SBA Venturian is a 1.8 Slime Based Aircraft (SBA). It is an exploration and also an experiment of what I can do with these new mechanics. I am not much good at redstone but somehow I can do this complicated carp. I would like to thank Cubehamster for the B01 Cannon and the front mounted cannon designs. The rest was on my behalf.

The completed ship now contains:
2x Cargo bays
2x Cargo chests
4x Life pods
2x GATEs (Ground Access Transport Elevator)
2x B01 Front mounted cannons

A video on how to operate this vesel in survival is coming soon,once I find out myself.
The ship may be complete but is not fully tested.Expect some malfunctions.
Progress100% complete
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