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Scorching Desert Hunt

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Potassiumola's Avatar Potassiumola
Level 56 : Grandmaster Cake
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Ready for a scavenger hunt in this hot desert with a pyramid pact full of traps and secrets?
Compete with friends or play by yourself and see how many items you can find.
Your goals is to grab as many of the 54 items as you can.
Everything will be hidden in barrels around the map.
First person to the barrel gets the enchanted item in the middle which is worth double.
keep inventory is on
There is nothing past the line of red concrete

Scavenger Hunt Rules

1. You are only allowed to take 1 of every item on the list.
2. Don’t take any items from item frames, books from lecterns or mess with entities.

Answers will be posted on the discord if you’re having trouble finding anything: https://discord.gg/QSGTd7qGvk

Here are the items you are looking for (image in one of the screenshots)
1. Cobweb
2. Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
3. Feather
4. Jungle Sapling
5. Oxeye Daisy
6. Chain
7. Nether Brick
8. Smooth Sandstone
9. Dispenser
10. Torch
11. Jungle Trapdoor
12. Chiseled Red Sandstone
13. Lava Bucket
14. Orange Stained Glass Pane
15. Barrier
16. Gold Nugget
17. Arrow
18. Ender Pearl
19. Lily of the Valley
20. Smooth Sandstone Stairs
21. Jack o’Lantern
22. Ice
23. Redstone Torch
24. Gold Block
25. Tripwire Hook
26. Cut Red Sandstone Slab
27. Trapped Chest
28. Yellow Wool
29. Polished Blackstone Bricks
30. Cactus
31. Dirt
32. Netherite Scraps
33. Cut Sandstone
34. Flower Pot
35. Gold Ingot
36. Chiseled Polished Blackstone
37. Smooth Red Sandstone
38. Brown Wool
39. Red Concrete
40. Stone
41. Dead Bush
42. Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs
43. Eye of Ender
44. Red Sand
45. molamola19’s Head
46. Chiseled Sandstone
47. Obsidian
48. Wither Rose
49. Soul Sand
50. Birch Pressure Plate
51. Sandstone
52. Birch Button
53. Granite
54. Sunflower

Version 1.19

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Bedrock update : by Potassiumola 08/05/2022 12:26:55 pmAug 5th, 2022

1.19 Update and BE available!

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L_Y_N sib
06/14/2021 6:02 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
L_Y_N sib's Avatar
Amazing! You went unnoticed with a very nice map...
After about an hour of play, I’m at 20 items, and according to the book found in the pyramid I missed some objects out... probably in this jungle XD

The spawn is bugged... we appear as spectators next to the small house, but it’s not very serious, and also a spawnpoint at the entrance of the pyramid would be a good thing to avoid walking from the house every time we die

But very good map, I ll try to finish tomorow
06/14/2021 6:23 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Cake
Potassiumola's Avatar
Thanks! :) I'll try and fix the issue with the spawnpoint and probably add some beds at the front of the pyramid
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