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avatar FastTigerNL
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner


This hub was originally made for a minecraft server.

There where no plans to upload it. Though i have uploaded it so you can make use of it!

The hub has a lot of stuff in it. its also still being build. Yet i have released it because it is good enough to be uploaded.

It is most likely that i wont update it on here to prevent my server's hub to be full on copied!


  • Do not disable command blocks when using this hub on your server, this hub involves a few command blocks which are needed to open/close the gate
  • Do not take credit for this map. Users can check if you downloaded this map and took credit for it!
  • The map version is 1.12.2! This is the only version you can use it in, and it will most likely not be updated to other versions.
  • The hub is NOT a void world! Please see the screenshots!
  • There are builds outside of the hub, these where buildings that where build outside to prevent mistakes in the hub itself!
  • The statues [ NPC's ] do not appear on this map! Please be aware of this!

Please check for any mistakes! We will fix these if you contact James on twitter! Thanks.
Click for creator's twitter


  • Map version: 1.12.2
  • Updates: No
  • Command Blocks: Yes
  • Size: Medium


All credit go's to the following:
  • James Straaten - Map Creator and builder
  • ImScreeZ - Map Builder and command block setup
  • BlueObsidian - Map Builder
  • Lil Sykes - Map Builder
  • Tqxicshadow - Map Builder
  • Matthias - Map Builder


Special thanks to aternos for hosting our server which made us able to do this project!

This server hub is featured on this server:


Thank you!
Progress100% complete

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