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SFS Frensfurt - Schlingen

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iceman1796's Avatar iceman1796
Level 31 : Artisan Engineer
This is the first release of this Map. Its is my private Project and I never intended to release it someday.
But due to some demand, I'll do it now anyway.

It is recomended to have the faithful resource pack installed. The recommended Game Version is 1.12.2
You can find a list of the required Mods at the bottom.

Map description:

The Map is set in Germany. The signals, stations and infrastructure is build in accordance with the german guidlines for railway traffic.

This Map contains a German High Speed Track with 35 km in length and two fictional Areas that resemble real places in Germany. This Map is designed as a Loop, so you have 70+ km of Tracks to go full speed with any Train you like.

There is one Main Train Station and one marshalling yard to discover.


The Map has an automatic position detection system for Trains. You can see at any time, where on the Track a Train is located.

There are also working railway crossings. Some of them operate with realys, one is operated by a computer.

Required Mods:

- Immersive Railroading

- LandOfSignals
- Wireless Redstone
- OpenComputers
- Chicken Chunks
- Chisels & Bits

Recommended Mods (if game crashes):

- RailStuff
- GIR Signal Mod

I no longer use this Mods, but I used to and maybe somewhere in the Map files are still registry entries of this Blocks.
So this mods are maybe still required for the Map to run stable, but I plan on removing them completely in the future.

Required Packs:

- Chris Collection of German Stuff
- Voxel Trains
- KS Signals Pack
- HV Signals pack
- Sperrsignal Pack

If you want to use this map for making videos e.g. Youtube or any other non-private uses, reefer to this post. Distributing this map elsewhere without permission is not permitted. You are not allowed to reupload any content of the map, nor the map itself. This Map is intended for a Private use only.
Progress35% complete

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11/12/2022 12:40 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Toast
TofiGuy's Avatar
10/24/2022 5:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MaxPingu1's Avatar
Sehr schöne Map, Herz und Follow bleibt da
10/15/2022 2:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4347444D's Avatar
it crashes when i go to any place i want
08/22/2022 1:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Matrix66's Avatar
map i okay but it crashes, sometimes when i drive a train i got a big white block on screen then game crashes for no reason
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