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Single Block Challenge ! 3.0 NEW ! 1000DLs

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Level 28 : Expert Explorer
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To Youtubers:
Please make a let's play for this if you love it ! Remeber post your video link to this threadPosted Image.
Single Block Survival


This map is insane for EVERYONE !!
Ready to take up the Real Challenges!
Work on all versionPosted Image

New Design but still insanePosted Image
Posted Image
Starting Chest ...DAFUQ?
Posted Image

And... amazing Nether!(Many stuff are in Nether!)
Posted Image

Then you need to take my challenge...
1.No fly...any hack and cheat.
2.Post your achievements and progress!(Picture will be good;))
3.Easy or above
4.Mod is not recommended

-Click the + sign of this post
-Build a Cobble Stone generator.
-Build a house.
-Expand the island.
-Make a melon farm.(at least 5 per harvest)
-Make a pumpkin farm.(at least 5 per harvest)
-Make a reed farm.
-Make a wheat farm.(at least 10 per harvest)
-Make a coca bean farm
-Make a giant red and brown mushroom.
-Place a bed.
-Build a building that is use stone brick's.(at least 30 brick is used)
-All place should be well lighted.
-Make an infinite water source.
-Build a furnace.
-Make a fishing pool.
-Make a mob trap.
-Make one wool for each color.
-Make 10 food.(expect melon slice)
-Build 10 bookcases.
-Make at least 5 stuff that use wood.(except tools)
-Make a portal
-Built a good and beautiful nether base
-Go to Nether and collect 10 Glowstone, 20 Netherrack and 10 Soul Sand.(everything in nether should be careful...)
-Make a TNTPosted Image
-Make two Cake!
-Make some Glass or Glass Panes
-Make a Platform at Level 1.(Something there?)
-Get 10 Ender Pearl
-Kill a Ghast
-Make 2 Snow Golems
-Grow all type of trees
-Make a Map
-Make a Jukebox
-Make a Clock
-Brew one
- Potion of Instant Health II
- Potion of Regeneration II
- Potion of Strength II
- Potion of Swiftness II
-Enchant at least one tool
-Complete All official achievement
-Go to the End
-Kill a dragon
-Make a Ender chest

-Spawn animals(Help me to testPosted Image)
-Find all secret discs(+bonus stuff!)
-Never click Shift(OMG!)
-Make something Epic!
-Play in hardcore mode
-Go the 'farland'Posted Image

I'm very appreciated to listen your ideas and new challenges!

-Diamond pick only have10use.
-Challenges are not in order

Progress100% complete

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