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Dragonlord32576's Avatar Dragonlord32576
Level 38 : Artisan Miner
Hey everyone has you can tell this map haves the main attraction and sister location

This map needs 1.13.1 or higher cause the use of the water and sprinting in water can get you throw 1 block gaps.
And this map took me FOREVER a totall of 3 days working on this map. 2 days in totall of ALL DAY LONG none stop working on the map. The 3rd day is when i finished the map and uploaded it. I really do hope you all enjoy this one. Now this map may be the best FNaF map you will see from me

Feel free to suggest any updates that you think should be added. I will replay saying yes or yeah i will try too which means i accepted it and i will try to add the update

And don't suggest me adding the fan to move i already tried that i did not know how to.
And there is a small little road parking place thing i left that there soo you can make the roads that you will like the road to be like (and i don't know how to build houses well and roads and if i do they will just look bad) ENJOY

1.There are now CAMS yes you heard me right CAMS its in the office and the cams happened thanks to Avionscienceboy7

2.Added unbreakable animatronics armor
3.Added strength And invis only for poeple who are going to be the animatronics

Suggested Updates:

Update helper: Avionscienceboy7
Progress100% complete

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dean jensen
10/08/2018 5:57 pm
Level 26 : Expert Crafter
dean jensen's Avatar
This is an amazing map thanks for making it.
10/14/2018 5:08 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Miner
Dragonlord32576's Avatar
Thank you sorry for the late reply never get these notifications

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