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Dragonlord32576's Avatar Dragonlord32576
Level 38 : Artisan Miner
HEY everyone. This did not take me and rmw long at ALL i just did not feel like doing it. And also MAYBE JUST MAYBE me and rmw will make the fnaf 3 map. I got something special for yall on there, but one of the things in there does not make me want to do it but i will anyways along with rmw i hope.

if anyone finds a bug (As in something is not working right) just comment below and i will try to fix it. Thank you and ENJOY!!!!

Note: RMW did most of the building considering how fast he builds but i did the command blocks and give him the credits for the cool and good decorations to improve the map

another note: Sorry about it being so big willion was being mean and robbed a bank that is why it is so big.

just a little edit for everyone this map is MADE WITH 1.13.2. And This map i recommend to get 3 2 other players to play with you players cause then i wont be boring and but the max is 5 people that is all Bye.
CreditMolten_freddy325 RMW150
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Dragonlord32576 06/04/2019 12:30:22 pmJun 4th, 2019

Fixed one of the up stairs window not going going black when night comes

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