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Skywars map: Pineapple Paradise

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avatar CrafterKat
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner

Hello everyone!

This is just a funny little thing i made a day I was bored. It's not a new map, which you will notice if you look at the video.
I just felt like sharing it with you guys.

Story behind the map

There is no amazing story behind the map. I just got really inspired by pineapples and therefor made this. Some people think it reminds them of SpongeBob.

The map contain
  • 6 spawn islands, since it is for SKYT
  • 1 middle island with an enchanting table, 8 chests, an ender chest and a craftingtable
  • 6 smaller islands close to mid with one chest on each.
  • 6 even smaller islands between all the spawn islands
  • a lot of pineapple

About all the sponge

This is a map for Skywars - all the "sponge" is originally thought as ores in a skywars game.
These obviously needs replacing.

Well thats basically it!

Have fun with it - or blow it up 8)

/ Love Kat
Progress100% complete

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