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Slime City - Experience a new world!

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Dmitron26's Avatar Dmitron26
Level 27 : Expert Architect

Experience a new world! Full of joy, conflict, progress, and civilization, but most importantly slime.
v1.1.4 is now in active development

The story of the world

The world began when Slime first jumped up to land and it became home to them however one day the slime had discovered an abandoned nether portal causing explorers from the nether to move into the region. However, after many inter-dimensional conflicts, and unfortunate events the wealth of the regions have been going up or down at different times, until this new modern era of uncertainty in the world's history.
Overview Map
Slime City - Experience a new world! Minecraft Map


Cities & Regions
City of Slime (Slime City)
Kingdom of Magmastan (Magmastan)
Akaysha Territory (Akaysha)
Kingdom of Creeperland (Creeperland)
CreditSpecial thanks to Odin, Vlad, Twilight19YT, weed, Icecreamn, Seemy, and DillZZ!
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

Polishing update! : by Dmitron26 08/29/2021 4:58:25 amAug 29th, 2021

Huh? what's this a new version of Slime City...

Yup you heard it right a new version of Slime City is here for you and your friends to enjoy and explore. Featuring many new details and interiors as well as small fixes and polishing up parts of the city which remained untouched for quite some time!

Anyway, without further ado let's get into what I have done for this update.
  • Many small details in downtown
  • Decay added to existing infrastructure
  • New infrastructure added
  • Music store added in Caliwood
  • Wasteshore nature detailing
  • Wasteshore residential block
  • Prison architectural changes
  • Wager Commons interior added (not much)
  • Additions and updates to architecture and interior
  • The library is now completely abandoned
  • New parks dept.
  • More government lore added
  • General Tounge statue stolen
  • New shops added in downtown (some with interior)
  • Rooftop detailing
  • History info signs added
  • Caliwood observatory added
  • Historical land preservation efforts added
  • Bug fixing as it should be!
  • And plenty more!
Have fun :D

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06/17/2021 11:08 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
DuaneTheBlockBoy's Avatar
So lively, I love it!
06/17/2021 11:13 am
Level 27 : Expert Architect
Dmitron26's Avatar
Thanks, I'm happy you like it!
09/16/2020 8:09 am
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09/16/2020 3:20 pm
Level 27 : Expert Architect
Dmitron26's Avatar
Yup if you are on the mobile bedrock version you can play this map :)
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