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Smart Farm Storage 2.0

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Level 41 : Master Engineer
Huge overhaul of the Piglin Bartering hall!

World download updated 09/19/21

- Eliminated almost 1,000 hoppers and tons of redstone dust, for better lag efficiency.
- Replaced dropper lines with instant dropper lines for faster shulker recall.
- Optimized droppers so more of them are silent (less obnoxious ticking).
- Added overflow protection to all shulker-loaders.
- Supports double the piglins (24)

Say goodbye to chest-walls!
Access all items from self-leveling chests that are never completely full (so you can always put items back) and never completely empty.
Need items in bulk? Press Q on any item to order a full shulker of the item (dispensed in center of the room).

Sorts ~14,400 items per hour.

Schematic for one storage slice: www.mediafire.com/file/8gshztg9vs2fyk0/Smart_Storage_2.0_Slice.litematic/file
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