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Space Needle - 1:1 Accurate Replica

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Here, for my latest project, I present to you the Space Needle!

This is the Space Needle; the infamous 184m observation tower in Seattle, WA, United States built in 1962 for the World's Fair. Now, there is a complete, accurate, and recent 1:1 replica of it recreated in Minecraft.
I originally started this project in late-2019 on a server named EarthMC, which is a Towny server that is built upon a model of the globe, built in the location of Seattle. With extensive remodels, a couple of terrorist attacks, the final model was completed sometime in the summer of 2020. However, with the unreliability of some third-party servers, I sought to recreate it in a Creative world for public and permanent use.

What this Model has to offer:

  • Eight Floors of commerce, observation, dining, or maintenance. Some unimportant floors were edited out due to the inhibitions of Minecraft, while others might be discovered by surprise.
  • 184 blocks tall, just like the original, and 42 blocks along the base. 44 blocks along the top observation deck.
  • A variety of Easter eggs, hidden signs and messages, and signs to make the model more realistic, and enjoyable. Most of them are considerably well hidden.
  • A modeled interior, reflecting the real layout of the building after the 2015 remodel. Some portions of the building did not have available online pictures, while others felt impossible to include due to the limitations of Minecraft
  • A Cascadian flag as substitute for the United States flag. This isn't a political statement, the Cascadian flag is just more recognizable at a smaller (a more accurate one, too) size, and the original Space Needle on EarthMC also sported this flag until mid-2020.
  • A vastly modified exterior observation deck for a much more open layout. Multiple reasons for this: Minecraft cannot fit multiple circle onto each other, on top of a fence, so to be realistic would make the top extremely bulky. Two, its pretty fun to fall off the tower in survival, and where's the fun of not jumping?

The Custom Map:

Unlike some other models of famous structures, I decided to include some more work of my own and made my own, 600x300 block island for the Space Needle to sit upon. This doesn't actually affect anything, you can still upload the structure as a schematic, but I thought it would defeat the purpose as an observation deck, without anything to look at.
The map itself isn't intended to be used as a map by itself, but it is certainly possible to.
The trees used in the map are just left over from my previous WorldPainter projects, you can collect them here:
Mediterranean Tree Pack - [] 44 TREES [] Minecraft Map (
You can also check out the map using them, too:
Escalia: 6000x6000 Custom Survival Terrain Map Minecraft Map (

That's All!
This map is in the public use, which means you can freely download it and use it for your own personal projects. If you are using it publicly, for example in a server or a youtube video, please ask me for permission first. I should be active.
Do not claim this as your own project. Don't be a jerk.

Version: 1.16.4
CreditWorld Painter, for designing the custom island. IGN bw3434, who built portions of the elevators on the original model made in 2019.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Version 1.1 : 01/29/2021 8:19:22 pmJan 29th

Added an available schematic file for download, as well as a couple of cleaning/polished mistakes. Nothing entirely groundbreaking.

01/29/2021 1:59 am
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