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Space Station V2

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DinckelMan avatar DinckelMan
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Hey everyone.

Since I started playing FTB Infinity a long time ago, I've progressed massively, and at one point my house reached a certain point when i just couldn't fit all my stuff inside and it was a mess. This is how my original space station was created.

What I'm uploading here today is my newest creation, the V2 of my Space Station Project.

Bigger. Better. Badder. Smarter. Cleaner.

Instructions and Info
- In order to use this project in your own world you will need the following things.

- I am playing on FTB Infinity (version 1.9.0, customized). You will need to install it (or any modpack with mod similar enough) in order to use all the blocks i have.

- The project is 115 blocks tall, about 150 wide. You will need either an okay-ish overworld OR a void world like I have. You can, of course, import it in an overworld IF it's over 200 blocks in height.

- Most of the blocks here are from "Carpenter's Blocks" and "Chisel 2" mods. Instead of copying my entire project with all the blocks and things i've made during my playthrough in the original build, i will be uploading an "almost" empty Space Station, which will only be having my Mob/Food farms and my smelting station, due to it being pretty complex.

- You will need to install the following mods from Curse, in order to import this project in your world: Recurrent Complex and IvToolKit. Both latest versions.

- In case you are NOT going to download FTB Infinity and use your own pack, i got you covered as well. These are the mods you will need:

Applied Energistics 2
Tinker's Construct
Tinker's Mechworks
Project Red (and all plugins it has)
Thermal Expansion
Extra Utilities
MineFactory Reloaded
Thaumcraft (prefered, but not required)
Big Reactors

Note: It is not required to use the absolute latest versions, but it is prefered if you use a somewhat new version of all these mods. The pack i play has the newest stuff (for the moment of release)
- Also, since it's impossible for me to upload the world, as well as it being pretty damn hard for you to import it in your save file, i will only be uploading the Space Station itself, without anything else.

Now, then interesting  (or not really) part. This is what you need to do to import my project.

Import Process
1. Assuming that you already got everything required to use the project, download the file and put it into "*/minecraft/structures/inactive" OR if you're using a server "*/structures/inactive/"

2. Backup your entire save/world/server map manually, or use AromaBackup if you have it. This will help if something goes wrong.

3. Load in the world you want to import the project in. Find a place you want to put the project, and check the coordinates. The project will appear next to you, with the bottom left corner of it being the closest to your location. Those are the coordinates you want.

4. After you make sure everything is good, type the following stuff. "/#import StationV2 X Y Z" with XYZ being your current coordinates.

5. A lot of ghost blocks should appear, but if they dont, dont worry, you have a world backup to return to in case something happens. Type /#confirm or /#cancel in order to proceed. This process usually takes about 20 seconds to complete on my machine.

Done. That is all you need to do

If you have ANY questions about the Space Station project OR you find any issues with it (except redstone all AE2 P2P connections and some levers, because i just cant fix that) contact me here or on Twitter
CreditORT_Simon and Shayzard for helping me finish this project
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by DinckelMan 11/16/2015 12:53:16 pmNov 16th, 2015

Structure files are no longer available! Thanks to everyone who downloaded it, i really appreciate you taking a look :)

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08/15/2019 10:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
dragfoy avatar
I would really love it if this build came back best base design ive found that includes rooms for magic mods
09/09/2016 6:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
vacallard avatar
pls make the download available again. i know its been a long time since this was poosted but if you still have it i would love if you could let me have it too. its a really impressive build. thanks
08/11/2015 10:22 pm
Level 40 : Master Engineer
Dispharmacy avatar
Impressive built! Looks realistic. Keep the awesome work up!
08/10/2015 10:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SleepyZombie avatar
This may be a dumb question but how do i install this .rcst file?
08/11/2015 3:48 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
DinckelMan avatar
It's explained in detail in the description :)
08/07/2015 6:08 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Destian_ avatar
You Sir, should really play StarMade
08/07/2015 5:34 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
geoff4402 avatar
Amazing! I love FTB Infinity and this is absolutely incredible!
08/07/2015 5:45 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
DinckelMan avatar
Thanks! I worked really hard on this :) Still need to fill the interiors with my own stuff, but otherwise I am super happy about how it turned out
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