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Spider Spawner Trap 200 Strings / Hour

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dextersworld's Avatar dextersworld
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
Since our 4k Strings/hour tower currently doesn't work, this is the way we get our strings on our survival server for a while.
Luckly we have a huge supply of it.

* This is a spider spawner, that I converted into an mob trap that drops strings. Since our Spider tower isn't working due to a falldamage in water bug that mc has for a while, this is now our string supplyer. Luckly we have a lot of strings in storage. (We hade 3 other similar spider spawner farms on our server)
* I encased the whole trap in glass since I wanted to see the trap in action. It uses water to drown the spiders, and then the drops fall into a waterstream that collect them at one point.
* I've added a pressure plate at the collection point that hides all the lightstone in the room. (This was made long ago before the redstone-lightstone :))
* As you can see I used a lot of signs to direct the water in the right direction. At the bottom there is a whole row of signs so that the items can be transported to the loot place.
* The rest of the signs is a zigzag patern upwards. This is to make the spiders always go upwards and drown in the water.
* The spawning platform is 4 in each direction from the spawner. And it has 2 lanes with 4 wide of water. At the end of the platform there is a zigzag patern of pressureplates, so that I can extend the waterflow into the wall of water.
* This trap only provides 200strings per hour.

Made on our vanilla surival server.
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