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nkuch69_'s Avatar nkuch69_
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UPDATE 1 HAS BEEN RELEASED! The updated files can be downloaded directly from Planet Minecraft, you need to move the files into the correct folders. However, you still need some files from the google drive folder so make sure to have them downloaded aswell! To play the updated versions of the map on a server you will need to move the new map into the server folder and rename it 'world' and you need to move the updated NPCs folder into the server folder too!


Currently making a modded star wars themed adventure map because I got bored. Still a work in progress but I finished the first part of the adventure map so I'm uploading it now. I am planning on continuing to update the map and add more missions to allow the player to continue their journey!

The google drive download link will be updated each time the map is updated!

If the map says that you are missing any mods from the map and they arent in the mods list below, just skip them and click continue! These are just the mods I have installed for other maps!

Players - 1 to 3

Mods -
Advanced lightsabers  
Bakc In Slime    
Flans Mod (wolffes star wars pack)
Inventory Tweaks
Shoulder Surfing Reloaded

I will not be adding any more mods so that later versions of the map are easier to work with, however I might be adding more custom NPC textures in the future which will need to be added to the folder.

Version - 1.7.10 Forge

Multiplayer -
I've created a server file for multiplayer with 5GB of allocated RAM
(You will need to port forward minecraft for the server to work)


Known Issues -

-Hitting NPCs prevent you from interacting / You will need to go into creative mode and then back into adventure mode to fix this

-Shooting glowstone and glass with a blaster will break the block / this could allow you to get out of the map (no fix)

-You need to have food in your hand to interact with the NPCs if you have any force powers or you will activate them instead of speaking to the NPCs

-The download will include all the mods / forge installer / adventure map / server files
-The server is started by opening the GO.bat which has 5GB of RAM for the server, you can add more by editing the .BAT file but you need to save it under all files or it will save as a text document!
Progress20% complete

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02/19/2020 3:06 pm
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Hey i have some problems with the mcheli mod it keeps showing me this:

Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft instalation
You have mod sources that are duplicated within your system
Mod Id : File name
mcheli : mcheli
mcheli : 1.7.10

can you pleas help me
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