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Stream Trees & Plants 2.0

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For ALL tree-packs and any other Downloadable Map Please Note:

If the Download no longer works it will not be updated. Too many of my trees have been stolen and overused without credit and at this point and it isn't worth fixing links when stealing is the norm. If you would like to try your luck you're welcome to DM me with a reason you'd like to request donload for the pack.

V 1.0 - 8/25/18
Updated 2.0 - 10/20/18

I usually like to 'warm up' as it were by making a tree before my streams and in this case it's a win win because that means FREE trees for you all :D This will be updated with new trees and new downloads for the schematic as Streams progress.

If you want to check out the streams I go live every Saturday at 12:00 Noon MST both on
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/everbloomstudios
YouTube: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/EverbloomStudios/live


Trees in Schem as of 10/20/18:
-Row 1- (from North to South)
Banyon Tree

Yellow Flower (Small)

Purple Flower

Yellow Flower (Large)

Local Tree

Fluffy Local Tree

Willow Tree (w 3 leaf branches)


Oak Tree

Dead Oak Tree

Pink Flower Tree (w/ 3 leafs)

Tree Pack 1
  - 3 Pines
  - 5 Oak Trees (w/ dead versions)
  - 4 Bushes (w/ dead versions)
  -16 Variants of Leaves

Tree Pack 2
  -16 Small trees
  -2 Small Pine trees
  -6 Variants of Leaves

Tree Pack 3
  -9 Leaf Plants
  - 2 Oak Trees

God Leafless Oak

God Leafless Dark Oak

-Row 2-

Penguin- By Hytherdel


Oak Tree

Red leaf Tree
  -6 leaf variants

Mangrove Tree

Fall Tree (Based off red leaf tree)

Tall Tree

Colorful Tree (Based off concept art)

Crazy Plant


You can check out the current trees as of the posting of this project on 8/25 on Sketchfab here: https://skfb.ly/6AXzx

Missed a stream? No worries check out the playlist of them all right here: https://goo.gl/foNPJp

Please give credit where it's due as these trees are Free to use

Don't forget to Diamond, Like, Comment, & Subscribe <3
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Update #1 : by Plutouthere 10/20/2018 7:14:39 pmOct 20th, 2018

Volume 2.0 8 trees/plants added and One animal (penguin). Just download the new updated Schematic for ALL trees + the old ones. (once schematic gets too large I will start putting in world and allowing for a world download)

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