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Suikoden 2 North Window Castle

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A year ago, I created the first North Window Castle (NWC) posted on Planet Minecraft. It was built 100% Survival on all buildings, decorations, etc. The only part I used World Edit on was landscaping and the outer wall.


Sadly that castle was destroyed by a deleted map. I have been unable to restore it. The original NWC is lost forever.
To restore NWC to Planet Minecraft, I have worked for the past three months on recreating it block by block. I may not be the first to replace the castle to PMC (Props to you numberouz: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/suikoden-2---northwindow-castle-headquarter/), but what you will see is so much much better than my original.

First and foremost, to compensate for space problems with the last castle, I have doubled the size of this one. Following the same blueprint created by me (I still own the game) I took one "square" of the game's screen and made it count as 2 in Minecraft, instead of the original 1. Space is no longer an issue, though you'll find most doorways are still 2 blocks wide instead of the 4. The addition of quartz has led to better pillar designs inside. The castle is pre-1.6 in all but the baths, and updates will come later.

The design of NWC in the game is not a true 1:1 design. You will find in my castle that certain areas had to be increased in size or deleted entirely to make them fit. There are some open areas that are filled with my own creations, but they are not available just yet. Some of the errors you may find are

  • Hall south of the Great Hall and the pub are both longer than in game
  • The room between the Great Hall and the Stage is removed.
  • The Graveyard is built to the 1 block scale, not 2, space limitations.
  • The windows for the Meeting Hall on the south side (or back side) are missing.
  • The room between the water hole(spring?) and outside Marketplace bends to allow a more centered exit
  • The stairs on the 2nd floor between restaurant and stage go up instead of down

And of course, seeing that I wanted to have this out by Suikoden Day 2013 (next week), it is not completely finished. To be added are:
  • More decorations among all of the rooms
  • Adding more Tree's and the Duck Pond on the outside
  • Complete the Wall Tower and Lookout
  • Filling the Barracks, Riou's Room, 5th Floor, and Inn with decorations and/or light
  • Changing the Lighting (I hate the Glowstones too, but what can you do sometimes?)
  • Finish the Docks area

Do feel free to stop by and look around the site. I doubt the admin will allow me to release a map pack of it (He hasn't yet) but you may never know. Until then, visit us at server address mc.heroesofdragonia.net , and use /warp NW to be taken to the castle's gate.

Additional Notes

Seeking anyone with a NWC Texture Pack. Mad props to whoever submits one
Progress75% complete

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