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Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
requires latest snapshot or 1.8


Gather a couple of friends, split up into teams, and play! To start just walk into the goal of the stadium you wish to play.

- Classic Stadium
- Ice Stadium
- The Lava Pit
- Kongo Stadium
- Create teams, Give kicking items, and colored armor
- Use of titles for display
- Functioning scoreboard and Win detection
- Power-ups
- Limitation of hard kick

Enjoy :)
Ps: sorry if its boring right now, I'm trying to figure out how to make power-ups to spice up the game but it's not going so well, and if there is anything you think I should fix just comment below. Thankssssssssss
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Update #1 : by nuthingbetter2do 07/16/2014 3:39:49 pmJul 16th, 2014

There isn't actually an update but I released this world at a bad time and it didn't get too much recognition so I figured I'd try again. I put a lot of work into the redstone and command blocks, and was kinda hoping for some feedback

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