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Super Smash Bros. MC (New Forums!) (NOT RELATED TO SUPER CRAFT BROS!)

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Dialga's Avatar Dialga
Level 37 : Artisan Princess
Herro Klox and Klokettes and anyone else who is going to download this. if you know 100% you won't download this can you s** off and die. just being polite :3.
SO this is Super Smash Bros. MC and it isn't Super craft bros. Brawl renamed. it is actually different. first off all the characters are original Super Smash characters such as Mario. Luigi. Pokemon Trainer. and others alike.
if you want to know more about "Super Craft Bros. Brawl" the link to its page is Here
Unfortunatley i have only made 5 fighting stadiums. but i will be updating this (hopefully) monthly with another 3 stages.
I have made a forum for this and you can find it here.
i Won't be making anymore characters untill january. for i have studying to do. I have Exams coming up. so i have almost NO free time
Thanks for Taking your time!
Progress50% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Dialga 07/24/2013 10:23:18 amJul 24th, 2013

Added cage fight, Budder apple and Griefed sky village

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11/28/2016 11:30 pm
Level 40 : Master Toast
Dragonze's Avatar
All the maps suck serious balls man, not trying to be mean but holy ugly maps much
10/06/2013 11:40 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
-TnRz-'s Avatar
PLEASE just PLEASE don't make all of the arenas flat surfaces. Add platforms and terrain that isn't just completely flat, and no, putting a bunch of mushrooms on a flat plain doesn't do the trick. maybe you could add bigger boats on the water one, some varying train (and mycelium) on the mushroom one, and just more platforms in general on stuff like the pokemon one. I'm assuming that everyone has jump boost. if they dont, put a command block that has a loop next to it, then copy paste this command:

/effect @a 8 100000 4
07/24/2013 10:36 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
Mak1121's Avatar
Awwww I hope people dont think im copying you, before you uploaded this I was making Super Smash Bros Map Powered By Redstone.
08/02/2013 7:58 am
Level 37 : Artisan Princess
Dialga's Avatar
Nah it's fine dude. If people do just tell them that I said that I believe you are not copying.
06/25/2013 11:26 pm
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
Bluepenguin1o00's Avatar
Is there going to be a teleport station so we can switch stages?
06/19/2013 12:45 pm
Level 46 : Master Artist
brawlerpointplc's Avatar
make a texture pack for this to make it intresting...
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