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Level 43 : Master Engineer
Try to survive with only two ice block, one tree, one chest with random stuff, one souce of lava and one spawner of Iron Golem!
This is a .zip file who have to be unzip and install in the "saves" file in the .minecraft folder.
You're autorized to be in Peaceful in the 5 first days, but after you have to be at least in Easy.


  • Make a farm with seeds, carrot, potatoes, pumpkin and melon.
  • Make a farm with at least a couple of pigs, cows, and red, yellow, white, light grey, grey, orange, rose and black sheep.
  • Summon an Iron Golem without the spawner (with iron blocks and pumpkin).
  • Make cobblestone or stone walls to defend against the mobs (4 at least).
  • Make a slimepiston motor.
    Spoiler (how to do to build it)
    Use slimes and witches loots.

  • Make a full iron stuff (tools and armor).
I hope you will like this map, and if yes, please give me a diamond!
Progress100% complete

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12/19/2015 2:44 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
Le Codex
Le Codex avatar
There is a bug with the download button: he's telling that this is a shematic but it's a .zip file!
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