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Survival Nether Quartz Base (Nether Buildings Contest)

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avatar Juliancito135
Level 20 : Expert Fisherman
Welcome to my submission for the Nether Buildings Contest! This is a survival structure with all basic things you need to survive in minecraft. The main room has a big painting in the wall, a window to see outside and the nether portal to go to the overworld.

Then I made a laboratory room, with cauldrons, anvils, enchantment tables and more. In the center of the lab there's a trapdoor that goes down to the enchantment room.

This base also contains an underground nether wart farm, and a staircase to the top of the building.

CONCLUSION: This base may not be very big, but has all basic items to survive. And also, when you go through the portal, you will spawn in a village. I still have time to expand and update the house, any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated!

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Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 07/03/2020 6:12:39 amJul 3rd

-Expanded House with more rooms:
-Added a living room with a fireplace
-Added a showroom with all the new 1.16 blocks
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