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Ijd avatar Ijd
Level 27 : Expert Button Pusher
Welcome to Tavish Town, a famous town named after your favorite explosion loving scottish man on Project Redstoneworld. This was built quickly last Monday by Ijd, sepamc, ChristmasTreeBag, and WalterLezerus. The town has several houses, a small concert hall, a viewing deck of the valley, and is a National Landmark in our country.

This town is being made for the 1000(10000) day event in the redstoneworld that is happening if everything goes well May 7th of 2021.

Town was originally established in the mid 15th century with a small castle of an insignificant duke in the middle of it. in the 19th century the town was re-discovered and the castle started got almost completely rebuilt into a small theatre, nowadays only very few parts of the original castle remain. In the 20th century it was turned into its state today as a small concert hall and bar. However this tiny town may hold some sinister secrets. Something odd with the painting above the bar, supposedly leading to a room of the original castle forgotten about. The home of Crazy Ole Jeff not letting visitors back out. The tales of a sinister creature living in the mountain, one even Antoine Leg himself cannot remove. It is advised to walk in groups and not venture away from the hall.

This town is located at the formerly named brobro island south of founding island in the redstoneworld, I can guide you to its location if you join the server.
CreditIjd, Sean_Shaw1005, ChristmasTreeBag, WalterLezerus
Progress90% complete

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