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Survival Map: Terra Firma

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avatar CherryGoose_Studios
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This is a survival map where you are in a world where the heat has forsaken the land. you have no food, no resources and you have to try and survive. There are many challenges to keep yourself occupied.

Terra Firma can be played in single player and on a server with friends without any problems, advised 1-4 players for the most enjoyment whilst playing.

If you enjoy your experience in Terra Firma then please visit again and give us a diamond, a favourite, even share this on Facebook or tweet this on Twitter it helps us out a lot and helps spread the joy :D

There are many challenges to complete while living in the world of Terra Firma which will keep you occupied for a while and hopefully make the map fun and adventurous.

-Discover the three deserted villages:

-Sandstone Settlement

-Jungle Hut

-Flatlands Village

-Get a chest full of logs.

-Find Dirt.

-Gather 64 wheat.

-Gather 64 mushrooms of any type.

-Find Mooshroom.

-Find the last sacred tree.

-Gather 64 sapling.

-Find a water source.

-Fill all the villages well with water again.

-Find the map of Terra Firma.


Additional Notes

Map Released: 15th July 2012

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Progress100% complete

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Thread Update : 06/04/2013 3:48:56 pmJun 4th, 2013

-Updated the featured video

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terra firma wasn't the worst thing i've ever done with my hands
Every time i reach the sacred tree, the map crashes and I have to restart from the very beginning. It's really annoying 'cause I like the map. Does it need to be fixed for 1.7.2 or something? Not having problems on other maps by you or any other maps of mine.
10,000 Views :D
  • peter499
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Blacksmith
  • November 2, 2012, 5:38 pm
Well i have my reasons for liking both. My 1st ever map i spawned in a desert biome and made awesoem stuff. And as for snowie i live in northern minnesota lots of snow during winter. Love it!
  • peter499
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Blacksmith
  • November 1, 2012, 1:52 pm
You made my 2 out of three favorite biomes.... dessert and snowie!
Lol awesome :P

Snow biomes are my favourite but I hate deserts :)
snow is horrible I love deserts tho
  • Cherry
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • November 28, 2012, 9:46 am
desert is horrible I love snow tho
  • Anton2oo7
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 29, 2012, 10:14 am
Cool map
  • Janeiac
  • Level 24
  • Expert Nerd
  • October 3, 2012, 2:11 pm
Have to say this map looks very pretty on rei's minimap, It really picks up the shape of the landscape.

1 question: are there more that enough mushrooms to complete the mushroom task? I only ask because I'm starving but don't want to waste mushies if I need them for the challenge.

Have a tasty diamond for your work =)
A couple of MC updates ago mushrooms could spread over time so you can get infinite amounts of mushrooms and if you plant them, use bonemeal on them[size=10pt] turning them into giant mushrooms and destroying them you make a large profit of mushrooms afterwards :)[/size]
  • Janeiac
  • Level 24
  • Expert Nerd
  • October 3, 2012, 3:30 pm
Awesome, thankies =)
This looks better than arctic abyss but only 14 diamonds. 1 more diamond for you!
  • Peaman94
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • September 18, 2012, 3:40 am
I didn't know you guys had another map! Gunna download it now and give it a go (hopefully i get this one finished :P)
Yeah keep up the good quality from last time and make the series a playlist and it'll be on the thread as soon as i see it :)
  • Spotlight11
  • Level 17
  • Journeyman Dolphin
  • August 30, 2012, 1:18 pm
May I record a video of me doing a LP on this and put it up on youtube? I'd be sure to mention your name and give you full credit of the map. If you are okay with this and want the link I'll give it to you!
yep, sure :)
  • ignorethis
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • August 18, 2012, 9:48 pm
sweet as an awsome name!! sub and diamond for you
So what are your opinions of the map?
Thanks for all the support this project is getting, 2k views and 800 downloads shatters what Arctic Abyss ever had at 7 days old!
  • Cherry
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 17, 2012, 12:49 pm
  • starfocks11
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragon
  • July 17, 2012, 7:03 am
is this a side project from facility X?
Cherry worked on this whilst I (Ross Gosling) am working on Facility X
  • starfocks11
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragon
  • July 17, 2012, 9:45 am
though i'll have to wait for 1.3 for releasing facility x if it's finished by then as i need books etc
  • starfocks11
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragon
  • July 17, 2012, 11:15 pm
keep up the good work! i cant wait for that map!!

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