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The Desert Citadel 1.12 Teaser

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david0f's Avatar david0f
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Dear reader of this little monologue, please let me explain what this 'teaser' is about!

I have been looking through my old minecraft worlds when I came across the old Desert Citadel. It was a custom made map with a quest - reward system facilitating the freshly announced command blocks. Since then, minecraft has changed tremendously; there was the update that changed the world, new blocks have been added, new hostile mobs have been introduced, even the combat system has changed.

I never really finished the project, and with all these changes in mind, I decided to update and rework this forgotten world, and release it as a CTM map. This happened in November, 2016. I assumed I would have had the map finished by Christmas, Seven months have passed since then (to be fair, I didn't have much time to work on it during the semester), but now I can finally say that it will be finished in about a week.

The purpose of this 'teaser' is dual; first, it will force me to actually focus on finishing the map instead of stalling it any longer:

I, david0f, first of my name, hereby declare to release the Desert Citadel in August, 2017. May the creatures of the Nether punish me if I do otherwise.

On the other hand, I have a burning desire to get some recognition, and I didn't want to wait any longer. I am going to leave my beloved homeland for two weeks, The remaining time, these few days, is just not enough to finish the map.

The announcement has been made, the Desert Citadel returns! Thank you for coming by, have a nice day!

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Re-announcement : by david0f 07/20/2017 1:58:50 pmJul 20th, 2017

For some reason, last time it did not update. Maybe this time?

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07/20/2017 5:15 pm
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I can't find a download link anywhere
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