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The Grass Cube | The BeiJing National Aqatics Centre Reimagined by LinsCraft

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‘The Grass Cube’ project was inspired by the Minecraft China launch conference event on April 7th. 2017. The conference event took place in the Water Cube, which it was originally designed to serve as a swimming pool facility for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. NetEase, as the representative of Minecraft China, offered the audience with a ceremonial and historical moment by transforming the Water Cube with a familiar Minecraft color theme – Grass Block. During the final moment of the event, it was light by the top executives of Microsoft and NetEase through the method of placing a Redstone block, which ignited the Redstone lines and illuminates the blue Water Cube and transforming it into a dirt block theme ‘Grass Cube.'

The iconic grass block is the fundamental building and survival block that represented the world of MineCraft as a whole. It became so representative, the icon exists on the MineCraft launch server and became the sandbox ideology that MineCraft represent. We want to use this project to celebrate the greatness of MineCraft and wish the creative community in China and the creative community in the world will thrive when this new era begins.


Pictures and Animation Rendered by: JustSomeMonkeys

Leading Designed by: Baoz233
See website for design team detail

A note on the Creator of this Project:
- This is created by LinsCraft™ members.
- Render is done by our member of the team.
- If you want to cite and comment, please do it on the behalf of LinsCraft members.
- Usage of the image and project is more than welcome, but please remember to site the source and link from us.

ShowCase Server IP:LinsCraft.World
Build Server IP: LinsCraft.info
CreditJustSomeMonkey, Baoz233, DangoCL, Tanran, Gadesa44
Progress100% complete

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