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Fantasy Medieval RPG Map

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A project I have started with the purpose of having the map be used for a Fantasy RP server. However after building, I've come to realise that the dimensions of the map might be too small for such purpose (Map size is 10 000 x 10 000). So I thought I might as well share the content instead of keeping it hidden.

The map contains:
-A merchant City (image 1 and 2), which contains a tavern, a port and a market right next to the port. It is a region where the population is made of humans
-Hidden hot springs located somewhere in the mountain region of the land (image 3)
-A village hidden in the deep forest, protected by the divine dragon Shen (image 4 to 6), the population of this area are hybrids and animal-humanoid species. It contains a market and a zen café (image 6)
-A colosseum (image 7) located in the middle of the desert, away from all cities and villages. A spot where fighters from all across the land gather to spar one another.
-A floating island with steampunk architecture (image 8 and 9). The island contains a tavern, a mining area, and a magic school located at the top of the hill (thought it would be cool to have a magic school present). The idea behind the steampunk style was to represent a lost civilisation who were master of the craft, and left all these runes for the present civilisation to study; however in a world of magic, noone bothered to try studying the craft and it remained a mystery.
-Canyons (image 10) one of the biomes added to explore where monsters seem to appear
-Zone Zero Gravity (image 11) an area where gravity doesn't seem to be present. Boulders can be seen floating above the void, and at the very center of the floating boulders is located the Tree of Life
-Elfen village (image 11 to 14), the village contains a library, a tavern, as well as a Spirti/Fairy garden
-A ruined village (image 15 and 16)
-The land of the outlaws (image 17 and 18) an area where the law won't be in charge of you. A land where all criminals and evil gather to camp
-The remain of a clan that has been exterminated by the alliance of the species (image 19)

The map also contains (no image were taken for these)
-Snowy biomes/Mountains with a castle somewhere (was suppose to build an Ice Kingdom around it)
-Multiple mountains a circle formation located somewhere in the sea (magic seems to be concentrated there by none of the sailors who have traveled to such land has ever returned)

What haven't been done:
-An underwater kingdom
-An Ice kingdom
-Magical market
-Other ruin areas for exploration purposes
-A dragon nest somewhere in the sky
-The texture pack to have the setting fit the fantasy aspect some more


Either way, if I decide to continue, I'll update the post.

That is all regarding that project, see you all and stay safe.
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10/17/2022 1:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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U should turn it into an adventure map, like one of those old xbox 360 ones.
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