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The Palace Of Iridale

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TeamPalladian's Avatar TeamPalladian
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Years ago, A merchant under the name of Irdial made his fortune through trading among village to village selling his precious resources such as Diamonds and iron for various other valuble items such as Emeralds. In doing so, Iridal earned great respect with the villagers of minecraftia for many years. Until one desperate villager came to him, to trade a mysterious book of called The Legendary book of Tekkit which he said contained untold fortunes and mystical tales. A curious man by nature, Iridal bought the book for a pricey total of several emeralds and stuffed it into his a chest on the side of his horses carriage then hurriedly left the village. It was until Iridal knew he was out of any kind of danger or threat and that he had not been followed. Slowly he opened the mystical book, hacking at the enchanted iron lock with his diamond pickaxe until it shattered. A flash of light lit up his eyes as he had unlocked the secrets of the Tekkit Legends! Upon days of reading, Iridal learnt of a machine that could turn the energy of the very sun into literal matter - named the 'Energy Transformer'. It took decades but Iridal had finally collected all that was neceassary to build this unqiue and powerful machine. But in doing so, had lost all respect for all those who once had faith in him, from his friends and family to the villagers he traded with and even the god of minecraftia...

He combined the so called 'condenser' with the mystical 'collector's and 'relay's' infused with a red substance that he had pulled from the nether itself. Upon placing the final block, the 'condenser', black and red lightning struck beside him oblitterating normal matter into literal energy which destroyed the very village he grew up in. Hurriedly, he threw an emerald into the vortex of energy... A green liquid flashed before him as the emeralds multiplied what seemed like endlessly up in a column up to the heavens. Suddenly, it stopped and all the emeralds fell to the earth, hundred's, thousand's and millions of the shiny green gems. With his wealth he paid the greatest architects of all of minecraftia to build him a display of wealth to show off to the poor villagers who once shared his wealth...

However, this came at great cost especially to his very own mind, a tormented and possessed soul, addicted to the shine of green light to his eyes, Iridal locked himself away in his palace. The Palace of Iridale for hundreds of years.
Many supposed he had died of old age and torment but some still belived that they heard the disturbed laughter and mystical sounds of Iridal and his goddly machine...

Solo Build by Deluxe498 from TeamPalladian (Built for the Arcadia Network)

We hope you enjoy the server spawn! (Schematic enclosed below)

Many Thanks - Team Palladian

Disclaimer - We Recently changed our team name from Buildminaters to Team Palladian.
CreditTeam Palladian For The Arcadia Network
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 Changed team name from Buildminaters to Team Palladian : by TeamPalladian 12/06/2016 7:01:57 pmDec 6th, 2016

Changed team name from Buildminaters to Team Palladian

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11/11/2016 5:38 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
NFC_Yan's Avatar
Hello, I think this map
Is very good. I would like to share it with Minecraft Player in China, which is re-released in a Chinese Minecraft forum called ZUIMC (www.zuimc.com). I hope you can let me do it, thank you.
11/11/2016 2:32 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
TeamPalladian's Avatar
Yeah sure go ahead
11/10/2016 4:45 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
WanderingGambler's Avatar
Nice job!
11/11/2016 2:32 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
TeamPalladian's Avatar
Thanks, this is kinda old though I updated it to remove the video that was used to advertise the server I built it for, the server of which recently shut down..
10/02/2015 4:07 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
My friend, this is epic!  Mind if I feature it on Week in Review?
10/02/2015 4:37 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
TeamPalladian's Avatar
Go ahead :D!
10/01/2015 2:22 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
TeamPalladian's Avatar
We hope you like the new building, We havent uploaded anything in a while since we have been very busy with life recently. But now we are getting back into uploading again :D. Seeya around.
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