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The Purple Swarm - 10th [ the Barbarians are coming contest ]

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The Purple Swarm: Lore

The Lore Behind The Project:

Barbarian Backstory

Brian grew up on an isolated farm in the middle of central nowhere. He had no brothers and no friends, other than the scarecrow that lived on the far side of the estate. His parents were natural worriers. They wanted their son to grow into a healthy adult who could continue working the farm in their absence - and as such, many of the annual harvest of greens that they cultivated on the farm were force fed down the poor boys throat. After eating many greens it was only natural that he turned into a gigantic boy who was now being hired by other farmers and laborers to do heavy lifting and manual tasks that would normally require several large men to complete. Gradually his farm boy life was turned upside down and he found himself traveling the continent, helping new people, and stumbling upon strange situations. During one particular journey, just as the sun was setting and his eyelids started feeling heavy he saw a campfire in the distance. Being a natural born adventurer, he went to investigate.

Brian stumbled through the shrubbery and struggled up the hill to discover that it was not a campfire, like he had anticipated, but a large campsite filled with giants. SHUD! He quickly turned around to glimpse a large creature…Then nothing.

His eyes opened, unsure of what events had lead up to his blackout he looked around, and then down at his arms…They were tied up! He wriggled around as if that would do anything but alert the attention of his captors.


shouted one of the larger giants that surrounded him. Frozen in fear, Brian immediately surrendered and submitted to the wills of these disgusting creatures. They carried his limp body into a large tower that stood hidden, surrounded by trees in the nearby forest.


screeched a creature that, judging by the crown that rested proudly on his head, was most likely their leader. With those words Brian’s eye lit up and his body sprang into life. Before any reply could be heard, he tore apart his restraints and jumped upon the giant king. But the king was fast; he rolled out of his chair and grabbed his scepter which lied beside his glorious throne. What Brian lacked in speed he made up for in strength, POW! He pierced through the giant king’s heart and ripped out the cold organ that centered the fist shape hole that he had left in his body. The king dropped to the floor and within seconds he was dead. Brian looked around to the monsters that surrounded him to find, to his surprise, that they were all knelt down and bowing to their new leader…Brain.

Weeks, months and then years past and the once farm boy Brain was nicknamed Brairion, mainly due to his new pack of giants inability to pronounce the ‘ia’ in his name. Under his leadership the pack managed to increase in size and ended up raiding many towns and villages. Other towns had heard of their power and offered to pay them money, food and treasures in return of their continued safety. He ruled this cowardly land from atop of his large tower, and looked down upon all of the peasants below him.

It was on the 3 year anniversary of Brairion becoming the leader of these barbarians that some of the giants creeped into his tower with a large chocolate cake - Brairions favourite! The joy in his eyes was only short lived, however, as a ‘fshhhhhhhh’ sound echoed through the entire camp. The leader went to investigate…

The stars that once covered the night sky had all but been hidden under the blanket of purple, alien ships that flew overhead. The longing for battle in Brairion heart was about to disappear, he was the ruler of this continent, not these aliens. It was time for him to show his strength…
Zeldoron Backstory
The Purple Swarm - 10th [ the Barbarians are coming contest ] Minecraft Map
Space can often be lonely. By definition it has nothing - and lacks everything - but against all odds the earthlings were not alone in the vast expanse of the universe. 56 million light years from earth, in the Peralais galaxy, thrives a civilization that, by their standards, do not consider humans an ‘intelligent lifeforms’. But despite their advanced culture they, like all lifeforms, started off as a pathetic species, almost unworthy of life itself. The Zeldoron home world was not a forgiving place. The surface of the planet was covered in one gigantic rainforest that houses many dangerous predators that could kill any Zeldoron with ease.

The Zeldorons are nearly humanoid in shape. If not for the purple skin, mega-large forehead, radioactive skin, the fact that they absorb sunlight, and their immortality, they are almost identical to humans in every way. The land however was not to their advantage. In order to feed of the sunlight they needed to climb to the top of the canopy and remain there for long periods of time. Accompanying them, however, is the Jacro bird. The Jacro was 5 times larger than the Zeldorons and 4 times faster. These troublesome pests forced the Zeldorons under the trees and as such they quickly started to die out.

As any glimmer of hope of the survival of this species faded, out of the shadow of despair protruded one extremely intelligent Zeldoron who started to develop a plan on behalf of her entire species. She realized that the answer lied in the eradication of the very trees that were currently protecting them from the birds, without which, nothing would prevent this upcoming race from absorbing the sunlight from ground level. In addition, due to the size of the jacros they wouldn’t be capable of sweeping down to catch the Zeldorons without hitting any trees on their decent. Without their food the Jacros would die out leaving the Zeldorons to thrive and create an advanced civilization that is present today. After seeing this female Zeldoron use her intelligence to outwit the larger and stronger Jacros the race quickly learnt to value intelligence above any other trait and so their civilization grew.

Like any creature, once stuck in a the confines of a cage the question soon arise – how can you get out? They grew bored of their own land, they had learnt all there is to learn and had discovered every aspect of their planet. And with this boredom they started to grow an interested in the lives of other creatures in other worlds.

Using a teleportation system that the colonies on earth have come to nickname the warping circle, they made their way to our front door. And they came in piece. Front page newspaper headlines from across the globe read: “We are not alone” and “Mulder was right!”. Even those living under rocks in the very corners of the globe had heard within hours of the alien spaceships that had surprised us all. They introduced themselves and the so called rational minded earthlings responded back at them with force. Their Enemy… Brairion the bone breaker and his huge gang of giant barbarians.
The Conflict Backstory
The Purple Swarm - 10th [ the Barbarians are coming contest ] Minecraft Map
Brairion and his barbarians visited all the towns that he had under his control and threatened them to fight of these alien intruders. Soon everyone in the continent was on his side…All except a young, but proud man called Alex.

Alex was a trader, and had been all his life. He traveled between villages often, and was witness to Brairion’s harsh regime. Quickly a war broke out, the barbarians and villages attacked the alien ships and the enemy instinctively fought back with unmatchable power. Alex stood, on one particular day, watching as thousands of his friends lives were lost in this prolonged bloodshed. His gaze was interrupted for a second as he saw a Zelderon ship parked in the wilderness. Alex was intrigued, and so investigated this peculiar artifact.

The controls in the cockpit looked remarkably easy to use for such a dangerous and remarkable weapon. So with little care for his own safety he jumped into the driving seat and shakenly flew the metal machine back through the warp circle … and into the abyss.

He was greeted with an overwhelmingly large city on the other side of the portal. One in which engulfed the entire planet. He quickly noticed that he lost control of the vehicle and he was being forcefully pulled into an immensely large command ship.

Moments later, he found himself being greeted by a large, and rather angry, army with what could easily be misunderstood as large metal waffles in hand. At second glance it became increasingly obvious that these were not delicious treats but deadly weapons that they were pointing at his face. The troops split for a second to allow a large alien that walked with authority and pride, to pass through, before closing again. The Large alien spoke:


he spoke calmly as if though I should understand before realizing his translating devise was not switched on.

“What brings a human here?”

he repeated. Alex found the courage to speak:

“My frii-endss are…are being … slaughtered by your troops, I ask simply that you spare them, it’s not their fault! Its Brairion! HES THE RING LEADER!”

The large alien took pity on these weak creature and it reminded him of their struggle against the Jacro birds. He took a few seconds to ponder on the situation before nodding gently.

“Okay there little thing, I have but one condition… You help me seal away this menace”

Alex didn’t have a choice, he had to agree and so traveled back through the portal back to his humble house with the knowledge of the plan that the Zeldoron chief had worked out beforehand. He rose early from his slumber the following morning and headed over to Brairion’s tower with courage burning in his heart.

KNOCK KNOCK! Alex banged firmly. A small slave boy opened the door.

“I must speak with the king at once!” Alex stated

Alex followed the small boy inside and kneeled before Brairion.
“Your excellency I bring report that the main Zelderon command ship has landed nearby!”

“Excellent” he replied “I will personally crush them”

And with that Brairion rushed over to the nearby location with his sword and hook in hand.

“Just round the side of the mountain sir!” Alex shouted excitedly

The King just walked ahead as if he was ignoring this young man walking beside him. Then He Stopped and looked at Alex.
“WHERE ARE THEY!” Brairion shouted furiously


Alex ran away in fear but before Brairion could give chase, a shadow fell over the giant. Slowly he looked up to see a mountain shaped ‘thing’ being held above him by a couple of monstrously large ships. Brairion wasn’t fast enough nor quick enough to react.

THUD! The mountain dropped to the floor. The shock wave was felt by all the nearby villages. They all looked to this stand-alone mountain and realized what this meant. Quickly the villagers started uprising against their barbarian captors causing the giants to be driven back into their forest homeland. Brairion was trapped…The Violence was over.

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1 Update Logs

The barbarian Update : by Seabro 06/03/2016 5:28:23 pmJun 3rd, 2016

Barbarian Camp:
  • Added main tower
  • Added smaller towers
  • Added Trees Near Barbarian Camp
  • Added Giants in the camp
  • Minor Modifications to Terrain near camp
  • Added more lighting in Brairions cave for smoother lighting
  • Updates Screenshots
  • Updates Surfaces on Main ship, and dam
  • Updated some unnatural looking trees

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06/12/2016 8:07 am
Level 45 : Master Architect
CrankerMan's Avatar
Nice concept and really cool storywriting!
Miss Omega
06/11/2016 5:19 am
Level 24 : Expert Archer
Miss Omega's Avatar
Mind blown
Great job you guys!
05/30/2016 10:04 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
shanewolf38's Avatar
Nice. :)
05/30/2016 5:30 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Fish
Luponix's Avatar
hey devil your entry is pretty awesome and well executed
but could you tell me how you created the big portal (the netherblocks ,round,no gaps ...)
05/29/2016 5:02 pm
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
MaxeyOfficial's Avatar
Very unique concept. This is for sure the best one yet.
05/29/2016 4:41 am
Level 44 : Master Chef
TheShadyJester's Avatar
Cool concept! :)
05/29/2016 7:16 am
Level 39 : Artisan Kitten
Seabro's Avatar
psst. don't tell the other judges this but ... your my favorite :p
Huey Long
05/28/2016 9:26 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Modder
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Sadly this may not win as one of the rules was not the level terrain and the barbarian camp is.
05/29/2016 7:15 am
Level 39 : Artisan Kitten
Seabro's Avatar
i believe im ok in that department. In regards to rules about terrain, i think they are fairly layed back in this contest, as long as you dont build in the podzol/bedrock areas and you don't make all the terrain heigher/lower i think anything else is alright.

I think the reason i wont win, is more likely to be due to the fact that people who know what they are doing have posted fair superior builds and most of the big league builders still have yet to post anything xD
Huey Long
05/28/2016 9:17 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Modder
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Mine compared to yours is bill gates compared to an pre born fetus. Yours is bill gates.
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