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KindPizzaX avatar KindPizzaX
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
The Rust Map is an FPS/First Person Shooter Map that is inspired by a CSGO Map. Me and my friends made this map for those players who wanna play with gun mods in Minecraft.

How to Play?

Download A gun mod that you wanna play.
We recommend Downloading Mr.Crayfish Gun's Mod but other than that you can use what every guns mod you like.
Load up the map then pick your guns.
When the game starts, There is gonna be a Death Counter to count your deaths and then you can start the battle!
After a Player reaches 30 Deaths, He loses but its your choice on when to stop the round, It can either be last to 10-∞!
When you wanna reset the Score/Round, there is a reset button in each spawn.
There is only 3 spawns so you can do a free for all: 3 players only or a 2v2 battle: the teams are in the same spawn together, 3v3, 4v4 etc...

Ground Rules:

Set Render Distance to 8
Only Play in Adventure Mode
I recommend turning off Shader for more brightness

If your all set, Good luck Soldier! Ill see you in the battle field and have fun!
CreditKindPizzaX, Electric Smart, MegaAsh
Progress100% complete

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