The Temple of Zultha

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avatar Xmatron
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
The Temple of Zultha is named after the second Pharaoh of the city of Amu-Khupet (my huge project which is slowly coming together) and he is the successor to Kha Lapseptsut. You can see his temple here. Zultha was the son of Kha and was born when his father's city was invaded by the nomadic tribes of Jordan.

The Temple itself as far as its structure goes is completely finished. However there are a few minor details and embellishments that will be added in the future. The inside of the hypostyle hall isn't built yet, its only just sandstone, that will also be updated in the future. The Temple is 682 blocks long and the highest point is 62 blocks tall. This project has taken 4 months of on and off work to create. Enjoy !
Isometric view from the back to the front of the temple.
Finished Entrance Render.
Progress95% complete

1 Update Logs

The Front Courtyard : 01/25/2017 7:51:31 pmJan 25th, 2017

The front courtyard has been completed. Trees and gardens added on the sides as well as more floor designs. Garden fountains added on the sides and dog statues line the front of the courtyard. Obelisks line the sides of the main walkway.

01/07/2017 11:08 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
What an epic feat! Love the floor patterns!
01/07/2017 12:30 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
Thank you! :)
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