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The Three Wonder Boys: Minecraft

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avatar RudMations
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey! If you comment your minecraft username I'll add an NPC with your player head and give it a line of dialog of your choosing!

The Three Wonder Boys: Minecraft is an open world adventure RPG, which is made to be played in vanilla minecraft
You start off in Zemlya fantaziy, a small floating island in belke, the third realm, also known as the realm of peace. After climbing out of the tree you spawned in, you're able to explore all of the land with almost no restrictions. You can follow the main questline and become the hero of the seven realms or buy a house and live peacefully. You could become a fighter or a magician, an archer or a conjurer... The list goes on.

The map will contain:
-20 quests (5 main and 15 side)
-7 completely different worlds
-Multiple fighting styles with unlockable perks
-an achievement room
-5 secret rooms with special items
And probably more on the add ons I may add

I can't really write much about the lore because I've barely started the map and might change it later on.
I have started the map a few weeks ago, but have already planned most of the quests and nearly established the lore, so it's all about me building and adding commands to make the map more fun :)
CreditThanks to BlueCommander for providing some of the commands
Progress15% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : 12/24/2018 4:41:41 amDec 24th, 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you've been having a wonderful holiday with your families. I'm here to update you all on my progress, and how the map is turning out.
I couldn't really focus on the map because of exams and the holidays but managed to do a bit of stuff.
Here's what I've added/fixed:
-Added a new blacksmith building from which you can buy new weapons
-Completed the snowy mountains biome and started working on the world borders
-Opened a portal to another realm, of which you'll get a small glimpse of (a poll was held on the minecraft amino to see whether or not I should add it)
-Finished most of the buildings and the important NPCs
-Still working out the story line of this chapter but it's mostly complete
-started working on a poster for the map in pixel art
-NPCs with player names from amino have been added
Also, I might change a few release dates, the ones I've provided on the fourth log are simply approximate and may vary, but they'll be close enough.

Thanks for your patience everyone :]
Have a merry Christmas!

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  • CrazyCowMM
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Cowboy
  • November 19, 2018, 7:41 pm
Oooo this looks neat. Looking forward to playing it when it's done!
  • RudMations
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • November 19, 2018, 9:09 pm
Thanks man! What's your minecraft username? I'll add an NPC with your head if you want, and you can chose its line of dialog :]

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