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The Town of WESTEND

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Lord_Cat avatar Lord_Cat
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The Town of Westend is my first save on planet Minecraft, so I hope you enjoy it.

-Castle Wesrend

-Book store




-Fisher's house


-Old man's house in the woods

-Farm/Farm house/Windmill

Some lore for my world.

The Empire of CONWORLD clamed land that was owned by the Ui Ui tribe in 1243. The Conworld Empire build a fort on the new land in 1244, name Fort Westland, and was role by Sir Wigyaman. The name means the end of the West border of the Empire. After Sir Wigyaman died form old age of 23, The fort was rename to Castle Westland when Lord Bigrup the 3rd was set in power. in 1256, Castle Westland became a town, know as Westend. Lord Bigrup the 16th rolls the town in 1270 , as the same year you came about of the village on your bout.
CreditJust me
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