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TNT Wars [Ships Edition]

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TNT Wars [Ships Edition]
This is a normal TNT Wars map but not just that. The bases are ships and I added particle trails something that I will explain later. There are 2 different types of ships and you can play up to 4 times.

Particle Trails:
For more fun I added a lot of different particle trails like you can use. They will follow you everywhere you go and you combine them the way you want. Go ahead choose your combination!

How to play:
This is a game for 2 or more players. There are 2 teams and there should be atleast 1 players to each team (1 or more to each team). First choose the arena you want to play and then the team you want to join. When you join a team you will be transferred to the ship where you will find chests with everything you will need. Build a TNT cannon and fire to the enemy team. First you will need to fire to the wall between the two teams and then try kill all the players from the enemy team. The team that will survive wins!

What are you waiting for? Get your friends and play! Use different particle trails and have fun!

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