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Tower-y castle

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Snipester avatar Snipester
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
This is some castle I built in creative without any building mods, for survival gameplay, its also made to work with the villager mod Tektopia, you might be able to open it without the mod I'm not sure haven't tested, pls tell me if you have problems with that. This is also my first creative project so pls go easy on me.
The forest is my work but it wasnt my focus, I rushed it with saplings, and bone meal spam.
The castle interior is also fully equipped, you may want to build yourself a house outside of the castle if you want some challenge and you should be worthy to live in it after you kill the ender-dragon, as its equipped with beacons, enchanting tables, anvils and brewing stands, among other lesser items. You're free to use it whenever for whatever you want however, no permission required.

The villagers are kinda self-sustaining , the only problems in it are: lumberjacks coming home late and dying on the way by zombies, chickens dying of starvation, seeds disapearing to feed the chickens and tree-druid not working. Another thing to consider is the town hall token is turned 45º, make it 0º to naturaly spawn necromancers (the villagers can take care of it on their own, might have casualties).

The main tower has 7 floors, the 4 secondary towers have 5 floors, the 3 out-of-keep medium sized towers have around 3 floors (lighthouse, miners tower, barracks tower) and the 9 watch towers are 2 floors high. 1 floor high is 7 blocks (excluding floor or ceiling level) so ocasionally one floor is divided into two floors (3 block high each). The castle has 2 gate-houses (fortified entrances) one at west and the other at south. The castle has one harbor with one ship and this ship needed to have a purpose so it has in it a nether portal and an end portal, think of it as your means of transportation between worlds, however none of the portals are activated (the end portal blocks are kept inside a nearby chest) so as to not interfer with eventual gameplay choices. Underground theres the cellar (where animals are kept), military tunnels connecting the watch towers, and the mine shafts for the villager miners.
The villagers "own" the first three floors of the keep, four and up belong to the player.
The town hall is in the south-west corner of the castle, merged with the mountain.

Credit must be given where it is due so I must mention the use of three youtube guides used to make this:
TrixyBlox: castle tower design https://youtu.be/qwl_ZkCggNI
Lord Dakr: 14 gun brig ship design https://youtu.be/odSOb2xwDUI
Cubi Craft: Market stall designs https://youtu.be/qRwn84H0Zsk

MC Version: 1.12.2
Seed: 3976057772998889155 (obtained from https://youtu.be/ccmDk828ReI )
mod: Tektopia villager mod by TangoTek. Website: https://sites.google.com/view/tektopia/
biome: Extreme hills
save name: MegaSpurceTaiga
Coordenates: -237 82 -1377
my discord name: SnIpEr#3228
Progress100% complete

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01/02/2020 3:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
milkuee avatar
amazing map man.
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