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Troll Items in One Command

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avatar ClassyElm
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Hello again! Don't worry! I won't be setting any traps to troll you, but if you'd like to troll someone, you've come to the right place.

What is it this time?
This time I've made three different troll items that are craft-able in survival. These troll items range from being destructive to just pure annoying.

What troll items are in this command creation?
Here's the list:
  • Explosive Chest - A highly explosive chest that when opened, will blow up. If the player who opens the chest misses the fact that it's a trapped chest, you've got them! Safe removal of the explosive chest is easy. Just break either the trapped chest itself or the redstone lamp two blocks beneath the trapped chest. The redstone lamp is vital to how the explosive chest works, but it can be difficult to hide if you're not careful.
  • Non Destructive Creeper - A creeper that deals no block or entity damage when it explodes. Perfect for confusion in tight situations! When you've spawned it, you can not delete it, so be very careful! These creepers will not de-spawn.
  • Lock/Unlock Container - This one is really annoying to those who aren't aware of how to fix it. When you spawn either of the spawn eggs on top of the container, it will lock/unlock the container. Containers are blocks such as chests, furnaces, brewing stands, etc. When you lock a container, the only ways the chest can be accessed is if it is unlocked through the "Spawn Container Unlock" spawn egg or you open the container while holding a tripwire hook named "Key" in your main hand. Destroying the container will also unlock it.
What are the crafting recipes for each of the troll items?
Each troll item is crafted through floor crafting.
  • Explosive Chest: 3 Gunpowder + 1 Trapped Chest
  • Non Destructive Creeper: 4 Gunpowder + 1 Bucket of Water
  • Container Lock & Unlock: 1 Tripwire Hook named "Key" + 1 Chest

If you have any further questions about the command creation, feel free to ask!

CreditMrGarretto's Command Combiner
Progress100% complete
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