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DutchCommanderMC's Avatar DutchCommanderMC
Level 38 : Artisan Fisherman
Pretend to be in a beatiful trail of small little islands, and you have to jump from island to island. Sounds fun, right? But be aware! A troll can appear at any time...

Troll Parkour is a sky island themed Parkour Map, where you have to jump from island to island and through different biomes and dimensions. Every block you step on, may contain a deadly, unique and complicated troll. There are trolls you can avoid, and trolls that are impossible to pass, without dying. But you can't get stuck on those, because they only will trigger one time for every single player.

Please stay in gamemode 2 (adventure), or else some trolls will not affect you.

Can you beat it?
CreditMooseCraft and ArielPlays for playing v1.0, ItsLars for playing v1.1, and all the guys who helped testing!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

VERSION 1.1 CHANGELOG : by DutchCommanderMC 05/15/2018 5:18:57 pmMay 15th, 2018

-Small bugfixes
-Added some minor features
-Simplified some jumps
-Added an settings menu
-New map thumbnail
-Added even more trolls!!! :D

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03/28/2020 2:33 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
jully10's Avatar
I love it so much but i also hate it
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