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Ultima is a PvP minigame designed for from 2 to around 8 players. It offers fast-paced, inclusive, and balanced fun for small groups of varying ability. Games are designed to be quick, and some game modes will attempt to put as many players in as possible so that everyone gets as much time to play as possible. Ultima was designed with play-time in mind.

Ultima supports multiple Java Edition versions, but some may not be fully updated.

Java 1.16: Download from Github (Ultima 1.1.2)
Java 1.17: Download here on Planet Minecraft! (Ultima 2.1.0)
Full changelog here.

The Game Modes

Ultima offers game modes for different sizes and playstyles of groups.

Duels 2+ players
  • A sequence of 1v1 battles between two players
  • When multiple players are present, players will take turns participating in the duel
  • Quick and seamless games, no delay times

Royale 3 or 4 players
  • Last man standing wins
  • Similar to "Ultimate Tag", if the player who killed you gets killed themself, you get to respawn
  • Not very play-time friendly, but more strategic and organized

Brawl 3+ players
  • First person to a certain score wins
  • Points are earned by defeating your opponents, you earn more or less points for different types of kills
  • You respawn whenever there is an open spot in the game (up to four players at once)
  • Very chaotic, but keeps as many players in the game having fun as possible


Ultima comes with a total of 16 maps, 8 default maps and 8 featured maps made by other players, with more to come. For now, I will not be accepting featured maps from people other than my close friends, but this may change in the future.

Each map has its own unique items and mechanics, so the game never goes bland!

The game has a robust settings menu where you can change the placement of items in your hotbar or check your game statistics. You can also have the game randomize the maps, cycle through them, or have players vote on their favorite!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Ultima v2.1.0 : 08/17/2021 12:36:14 pmAug 17th

  • New chat settings:
    • Players can choose their preferred pronouns.
    • Chat output has been divided into channels.
    • Players can reduce or omit certain channels to reduce chat clutter.
  • New "Continuous Play" game option:
    • A new game starts immediately after the previous one.
    • This feature was ported from Duels to other game modes.
  • Vote Map is now compatible with Continuous Play, and, by extension, Duels mode.
  • Extra players are no longer opted out in Royale mode, and will instead just sit out that one game (but remain opted in for next game).

  • Dungeon: Potion of Resilience now gives Resistance IV (was Resistance III)
  • Marooned: Sword is now Sharpness V (was Sharpness IV)

Bug Fixes:
  • FIXED: Obnoxious noises in the Marooned map.
  • FIXED: Last Stand's Backstabbing skill's strength criterion is broken.
  • FIXED: The game thinks the player died to fire unusually often.
  • FIXED: The game runs too many commands per tick when retrieiving large samples of statistics.
  • FIXED: Players upgrading/equipping tools/armor can be heard from anywhere in the arena.
  • FIXED: The Performance statistics panel cannot be seen on larger GUIs.
  • FIXED: The villagers in Last Stand can be killed, forcing users to redownload the map.

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