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(Un)Fair Business - A building and pvp game, with Amusement Parks

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PommDeTerr avatar PommDeTerr
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
***** "Creeperoscope is pretty, but almost all their rides were broken..." - ZombieGuy66

"Thrilling rides that's for sure, but Enderland was infested and sooooo dirty !" - WitheringFromHell

(Un)Fair Business

We've got a game for you ! (Un)Fair Business is a Map where two amusement parks face each other to get more visitors than the other ! Building skills and PVP skills are required because you'll have to build ride, fight for ressources, and sabotage the opposing park !

Grab a group of friends, and choose your park between Creeperoscope and Enderland ! The base gamemode is intended to be played by two teams of at least 3 players.

Once you're ready, you've got about 40 minutes to build the most attractive and thriving park, and attract as many visitors as you can.

How to FunFair ?

First you need to build rides : Get the blueprints provided, and reproduce perfectly the rides. And make sure to do it before the other team !

Then, you'll have to go deep into the redstone mine to find the precious ore that fuel the rides. Be careful, the other team is also here to get some ! Fighting for the control of the mine is essential !

Next, your park will start to earn some emeralds with its first visitors. With this precious money, equipment, upgrades and sabotages can be bought !

Especially, upgrades can make your rides better. However, honey is needed to maintain those upgrades. Gather it in the forest, but watch out for the other team !

Finally, because business is what it is, playing nicely isn't enough. It's now time to sabotage the opposing park : Break its rides, pollute it with Slimes, or release crawling insects in it !

What's in the map ?

- 30 different Rides to build, (10 easy, 10 medium, 10 hard)

- A big area for playing (Two pvp zone (the mine and the forest), the two parks, and the large tent with the blueprints)

- 5 gamemodes, and more than 50 different parameters to personalize your game.

- Building, Fighting, Sabotages and Strategy all at once.

- English and French languages

Anything else ?

This map was inspired by
Trool Park, a board game about amusement parks,
Monster Industries, a minecraft map where two corporations fight to be the best,
and Blitz Build a building game minecraft map

Minecraft version : 1.16.1

No mods required

Make sure your server has its difficulty set to anything else than peaceful, and that command blocks are allowed. You need to have op rights if you want to use the advanced settings feature.

This map was made by _AlexworlD_ (Building and Level Design) and PommDeTerr (Game Design and Datapack),
we hope you'll like it !
Progress100% complete

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08/11/2020 9:53 am
Level 39 : Artisan Mlem Mlem Bat
My_name_is_gLiTcH404 avatar
1 player or 2+ players?
08/11/2020 12:36 pm
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
PommDeTerr avatar
It needs at least 4 players in total (2 in each team)

However, I recommend 4+ players for each team !
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