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Level 34 : Artisan Crafter
It's now time for your biggest challenge yet... passing through a door back and forth a bunch of times!
What? You don't think that is going to be hard at all? Maybe I wasn't clear... we are talking about an "Unfair" Door!

Are you ready, for 20 different stages, 20 different times where you'll cross the same door but you'll get trolled in a completely different and funny way?

Check out the map's trailer!

Moreover, this map has:
- A built-in speedrun mode, so you can try and compete, beating the map as fast as possible! (Check out my discord to keep track of the latest times)
- An extra "Secret" challenge, which will tease you to retry the map until you find a way to unlock the final map prize!

Are you stuck or you just want to see how fast I can beat my own map? You can check out the map's walkthrough/speedrun here!
Finally, once you beat the map, if you are interested in what my thought process was when making it, you can check out the map's behind the scenes video!

- This map contains an embedded resource pack for extra trolliness! If you need to put it on a server though, you can download it separately here!
- This map should be multiplayer compatible!
- It takes about 20-40 minutes to complete (depending on how unfair you are)

If you want to know more about how these maps are made, you can always check out my Youtube Channel!

As always, thanks to all the YouTubers that played my past maps! If anyone is interested in playing this one, make sure to post your video in the comments below or send me it on discord (NICO_THE_PRO#5337), I'd love to see it!
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10/20/2019 2:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gavman22 avatar
I cant download the pack
09/06/2019 1:41 pm
Level 47 : Master Sus
TheHappywheels1 avatar
Another amazing map, NIco :D
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