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TheHappywheels1 avatar TheHappywheels1
Level 45 : Master Sus
Stuck? Watch the Walkthrough (spoilers)

Unfair Update seems like a regular Unfair Map on the surface, but the ending might give you a little scare the first time you see it! Don't get too distracted by the scenery, I know the mountains look nice, but you have an Unfair Map to beat!

Think you have what it takes to beat Unfair Update?

- Minecraft 1.19
- Supports 1-2 players
CreditTester: SimonDMC
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

v1.1 : by TheHappywheels1 08/22/2022 1:23:59 pmAug 22nd

This update fixes a bug that let you set your spawn point to a bed with the right timing, skipping a large portion of the map

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