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Unfinished Map / 1.19.2 / Dungeons beneath the frost

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Flying Dragon avatar Flying Dragon
Level 40 : Master Dragon

Its been a while. Its been a long time for this map. But its just way too big and I don't have any joy on it to finish it further off.
You can finish, take commandblocks off it. I don't mind. More info when you start.

I've made it way too large which made it in the time.. not so fun anymore. I will make more smaller maps later out. I have found a map thats almost done but forgot over time. That one will come soon when I finish it(About 85% done) Meanwhile im also working on another one. And a small map will also come in the future.

This map is just not gonne be finished. If you want, you can play the small story that is already in the map. Some stuff might be confusing since it isn't finished. Have fun! (You also might have to travel far since its quite a big map with borders)

Progress100% complete

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