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Unicorn Class Air-Ship

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sergig2138 avatar sergig2138
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
The Unicorn class is a Special forces class, there are very few of them, and it is used as a long range sniper and as a fortress destroyer against land forces.

This is a very specialized unit, With its main 324mm Rail-Gun she can destroy from heavy armor enemy units to land fortresses with its HE (High Explosive) and APHE(Armor Percing High Explosive)Rounds. Just below the Rail-Gun lays the Steam-Electric Generatior and the ammo storage, with its own racks, rails and cranes system.
The secondary armament is limited to a rear 115mm and a 100mm belly-mounted.
She also has an all-arround self defense system, composed of 2x 90mm cannons and 3x twin 20mm autocannons on each side, all this system is complemented by the fact the crew who handle them have their cuarters just below the guns.

To manage the weapons, the ship has a weapons command room, it also handles (co-working with the handling control room) the Rail-Gun.

This Air-Ship has four Low-Presure boilers and a new experimental radial engine with 4 pistons. Tis new engine provides a great power and speed, but due to its low coal cargo it has a low operational range, sometimes it is acompanied by a coal cargo ship.

It's not used in high heights so it has a small floatability balloon, but it comes with 7 vertical propellers each side, so it has a high maneuverability.

It has a few facilities such as the peviously mentioned Weapons command room, a Radio/radar room, two dining halls, a sickbay, an entertaining room, two bathrooms, a Refrigerators room and a laboratory.

Due to it's size and role it has a big crew (81) formed by the ship's capitain, 4 officers, 14 subofficers and 62 cadets.

Full interior.

Size: -142 blocks long, -41 blocks tall , - 31 blocks wide on its main body.

Remember to put "/gamerule doFireTick false" (or it'll burn down).

Thanks to Drash2005 and his Air-ships, they heavily inspided my work.
Progress100% complete

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