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UNSC Sabre, Broadsword [1.8x+] [Vehicle pack]

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UNSC Sabre, Broadsword [1.8x+] [Vehicle pack] Minecraft Map


In-game version

File:Sabre-class Starfighter Angle1.png


The YSS-1000 Prototype Anti-Ship Spaceplane, usually referred to as the Sabre, is a space superiority starfighterused by the UNSC Defense Force during the Human-Covenant war. Its first known use was in Operation: UPPERCUT during the Fall of Reach.

Operational History

The Sabre was the result of the Sabre Program, a top-secret UNSC project, denied as a "preposterous rumor" by three UNSC administrations, in which SPARTAN-B312 was a pilot at some point during the Insurrection of Mamore. By 2552, the YSS-1000 served as the UNSCDF's primary planetary defense fighter. Reach had multiple Sabre fighters stored in launch facilities on the planet's surface. In addition, the orbital platform Anchor 9 had several Sabres stored in its launch bays. Gamma Station also had several Sabres stored.

During the Covenant invasion of Reach, SPARTAN-B312 and Jorge-052 of Noble Team used one of these vehicles during Operation: UPPERCUT, in which multiple Sabres were used by Noble Team and a UNSC strike team to board the Covenant corvette Ardent Prayer in order to use it to deliver a makeshift slipspace bomb to the CSO-class supercarrier, Long Night of Solace. Before assaulting the Corvette, the Sabres were used to defend Anchor 9 against Covenant Type-27 Banshee fliers, Seraph starfighters and Phantom Gunboats. Noble Six and the other pilots were eventually able to land on the corvette after disabling its engines and destroying its fighter escorts in order to use it and the slipspace drive to destroy the supercarrier. The mission succeeded, but the Sabres were destroyed, as the strike team was unable to return to them due to damage to the corvette and was thus forced to abandon them.

The Sabre continued to be produced after the fall of Reach.

Design details

The YSS-1000 is a space superiority fighter, which can be launched vertically from a terrestrial launch platform using a system of detachable multi-stage rockets to propel itself out of a planet's gravitational pull and atmosphere. The Sabre's speed is similar to the Seraph's and also has an afterburner ability which increases speed for a short duration of time. The Sabre is also capable of performing complex barrel rolls, Split S maneuvers, and Immelmann turns.


The fighter's armament includes twin 30mm autocannon, as well as linked "Medusa"-type missile pods that can lock onto enemy ships. The Sabre also possesses energy shielding technology, and its targeting computer can identify enemy contacts from a long distance, as well as showing the distance to a selected target.

(Credit for description: Halo Nation.)

In-game version



The F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter, also known as the Broadsword, is a versatile and well armed A/X strike fighter typically used to engage space craft of equal or superior weapon capabilities and evasive flight capabilities in low to zero gravity conditions. As its kind has few equals within the UNSC's arsenal, the Broadsword was designed to address the incredible firepower and speed displayed by the fighters of the Covenant such as the Seraphand Space Banshee. The Broadswords shielding was influenced by the Sabre that covers the entire fighter and designed to withstand a direct hit from a pulse laser and likely added after 2552. These shields however are not rated for slipspace travel. The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Aviator is paired for use with Broadsword pilots.

(Credit for description: Halo Nation.)

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