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"The Grid" Mob Farm with item sorter for loot

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travis 12279 avatar travis 12279
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Original Designer - "Mindcr4ft"- fully updated to 1.6.4
- Extremely efficient

- Calculated at 16,620 items/hour on hard mode!though possibly alot higher as it takes time for items to travel from hoppers to chests and i was just trying to get a rough estimate
- Not a single item is lost, all items are received compared to the previous version that only gives 50% of the items in the current mc version
- enderman friendly, meaning they cannot steal any blocks used in the trap
- on/off switch
- enderman farm style mob trap with PRS (piston repair system) which fixes pistons stuck in the pushed out position, also acts as on/off switch
- may cause alot of lag if your computer is not up to date (just set render to tiny)
- full hopper sorting system each chest holds different items (may want to have the iron chest mod to hold more stuff the item storage isn't very big as i got a bit lazy lol)
- not sure what the current world record for items per hour with a mob trap that doesn't use spawners for the current version of mc is, but i'm pretty sure this ones up there in the ranks now that I've updated everything to work correctly ;)
- This is not my Design, i simply updated it to modern mc standards for personal use to get a really good mob farm and now i'm releasing it for others to use
- leave a comment on any suggestions/feedback you have :3 Don't forget to Favorite!
- The video is of the older version of the mob trap but still gives a great overview of it although this trap doesn't produce 140,000 items/hour as the previous version did, but that was only in mc 1.4.4 and below.
- Diamonds Are Appreciated! -
CreditMindcr4ft for the design
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by travis 12279 10/04/2013 12:28:00 amOct 4th, 2013

Removed fence posts from the lava traps as it seemed to me the mobs were moving slower, replaced them with lapiz blocks should improve production rate even more

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