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USS Enterprise E - Reboot

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Hawkadium avatar Hawkadium
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
About Me
I love Star Trek, who doesn't?  The first time I saw a mega structure in Minecraft, was on YouTube and someone was show casing the beginnings of the Enterprise-D.  I immediately logged into that server and flew around in awe.  Finally found my way inside, and started exploring.  The bridge was there, shuttles were there, everything was there.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Unfortunately it was already finished, like 100% finished.  With that in mind I decided to make my own Enterprise-D, by my self.  And that is where I made my first two mistakes.

First mistake was thinking I had the time, energy or skills, to create something as large as the Enterprise.  My second mistake was making it on an open world creative server, that wiped every 6 months.  Oh joy!  I spent the first three months designing the left nacel.  Progress was slow.  The next three months I was able to finish the entire top half of the saucer section, both nacels were finished, and about 90% of the stardrive section.

Then the wipe came.  I submitted my work to the admins and was promoted to Elite Architect.  I told them my story and how the ship wasn't finished. They said it was just too big to move to the next creative server...  :(  With that I left Minecraft for almost a year.  Losing that kind of work takes a toll on someone's soul, ya know.  I learned a lot from my experiences building the D.  For example building from the ground up, instead of top down, haha.  OMG, so much darkness sometimes!  Any way, enough about me, let's talk about what's going to happen in the future.

Project Outline
The Enterprise-E will be created in its entirety one block at a time.  I have searched Google and found absolutely no completed projects, for the Enterprise-E, as of November 1st, 2014.  What I did find is a few of the outer hulls at 1:1 scale, which is perfect for me.  When I say a few, I mean other ships as well, for example; Voyager, The Defiant, Prometheus, Enterprise-A,B,C and D and so on.  The best part is they are all in one MC map.  Obviously trying to complete more than one ship at a time is just stupid but I like the fact that I can see other star ships beside me while I am working on the Enterprise-E.

This time the server will be hosted by myself and backed up nightly by hand.  I like my Dropbox and Google Drives :)  The reason I am using a server instead of a single player map is because I want people to be able to pop and view my progress.  I don't care if the saying goes, "A picture says a thousand words" you'll never truely understand the scope and awesomeness until you login and fly around this bad boy.

Incase you haven't noticed, several windows and other small features are not visible.  This is, for the most part, a coloured in hollow shell.  As I said before, this is going to be an exact replica so those external features are what I am going to work on first.  I will also be focusing on lighting.  The ship looks like it is dead in space during night time, which is completely unacceptable.  I am going to have to use a few lighting tricks here and there to make it come alive.  I don't just wanna place glowstone all over the hull, haha.  (Yes, I've seen it done.)

I will also be allowing public edits.  Wanna help build the engine room?  Sweet!  I'd love for you to join.  I am going to be working on a plugin to allow you to make additions to the ship and then they will be either approved or denied by me.  This approval process would only be for people who have applied for and been granted editing powers.

I can throw out a bunch of numbers of when this may or may not be completed, but they would be ball park guesses at best.  The best way to stay up to date with the progress of this project would be to hit the Subscribe button on this page.  You could also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be covering some of the more tedious tasks in detail.  I will also publish some building tips and guides that I have learned from the Enterprise-D and many more I am sure to learn as I venture forth with the Enterprise-E.

Outer shell created by Momentaneously.
Progress20% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Hawkadium 11/04/2014 4:48:41 pmNov 4th, 2014

-Dorsal and ventral escape pods have now been replaced with glowstone.
-Windows that have already been added now emit light.
-YouTube video added.

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11/18/2017 9:14 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
munchkin_T avatar
Diamond for u!
12/24/2014 1:17 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
MCSHIPYARDS-2016 avatar
hey if you got any questions about how to build one send me a pm id be happy to share some ideas

i to am building one 
11/04/2014 8:44 am
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
FirmusPiett avatar
Hence why no one should ever build anything of importance on a server imo, especially someone else's. But very very nice rendition.
11/04/2014 3:55 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Carmach avatar
Just about to sit back for some DS9 and i catch a glimpse of this..

Nice bloody work man, the proportioning seems perfect and the colours are doing it justice.
Also this has always been my favourite ship from the fleet :D

In relation to a build team, I would love to join/contribute to this project.

(edit: Gave you a diamond!)
11/04/2014 9:20 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Hawkadium avatar
I love DS9.
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