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      August 8, 2020, 11:10 am with Public
      August 7, 2020, 7:18 pm to Public
      I usually hate wall posts like these, that encourage people to subscribe to someone else somewhat baselessly, but I really enjoy the idea behind them, and I want to do one of my own, mixed in with hopefully some appealing arguments for following said skinner, instead of just asking you to follow them. Here goes:


      Habearry is a skinner, who experiments with colours plenty, sometimes to the extend of going overboard with it. Their shading would be mixture of what I call a classic teen skin style with a more gradient (colour rich approach). This provides for an interesting style, that I cannot wait to see how develops. Curiously perhaps their most interesting stuff is posted in wall posts (and perhaps on their skindex idk) so keep an eye out for that.


      Boaty is a skinner of many styles, which gives you a large variety of content to look at. I'd like to point out Boaty's keen eye for designs. For this reason, stay keen on Boaty's work and let them know which styles you like, and what you'd like to see from them, as they can deliver very well on feedback!


      Reluctantly including kitt-chan here: Reluctantly due to the fact that Kitt is not really that underrated. Kitt chan is another somewhat 'gradient' skinner who provides great quality content in a variety of styles, and I highly recommend checking it out. Kitt-chan is already very profecient with colours and shading.


      Eloise I know has a following on skindex, and I do not know the differences between what is posted there and here. I will say, that Eloise has a few tricks up her sleeve. Eloise is a good example of a primarily girl teen skin creator who has shown capability of trying more abstract concepts; and this I think can make for quite an interesting ride if you follow Eloise. As a form of minor critique; it might be beneficial to cut down on contrast and "template"-like shading in some of your skins eloise, as I think that'll speed up your profress significantly. Contrast is good, but it can also get overbearing quickly - sometimes you want some 'negative space' on your skins without heavy contrast (x


      Genuinely, this guy is the entire package: Shading style is a check, colouring is a check and designs are great too, highly recommend checking him out. Doesn't appear to be active lately, but when they are, you're practically guaranteed quality!


      Another person who has the entire package, also insanely good mob skins. Do check this one out!

      Of course there are many more, and maybe one time I will get around to mentioning them. I am not that good at keeping up with PMC skinners anymore, but here are at least some that are worth giving a look (x Cheers
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      Spxngie said 2021-09-28 18:09:00
      Hello! I noticed the tag by your name say Super Moderator. ^^ What does that mean, if I may ask?
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      June 23, 2020, 10:06 pm with Public
      Ive literally wanted this for years.
      June 23, 2020, 4:28 pm to Public
      Hmm... what's this!?

      It looks like PMC got its own Nether inspired update! The toggle is under your member account menu, very top right of the site. Try it now.

      While working on an unrelated larger update, I went down a dark tangent for several days and couldn't stop! I know dark mode is something many have wanted for a long time.

      It took an insane amount of tweaking and testing and more tweaking to get this to work with all of sections and systems on PMC. If you see something that is broken or difficult to read because of the text color vs background, please take a screenshot and open a ticket.

      Enjoy DAAARK MODE!
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      February 23, 2020, 8:38 am with Public
      February 22, 2020, 11:08 am to Public
      We'd like to take some time to say thank you for all the awesome stuff you all share with the community! We know how hard all of you work and how much creativity and time goes into every creation posted on Planet Minecraft.

      Unfortunately, there are some people that would like to use your hard work for their personal or financial gain. While it can be exciting that someone wants your permission to share your content, it's worth taking some time to look into where your content is actually going. Sometimes, they don't even ask for your permission. Not cool.

      The most common dishonest requests ask to use something you made for a different version of Minecraft or to re-upload content to another website or app without fully explaining how your content will used. Sometimes these are harmless, open and honest requests by people wanting to promote your work with credit to a community that speaks another language. Sometimes the person just wants to personally use your creation in another version of Minecraft or highlight it in a Youtube video. What's important is that you know how your work will be used and that proper credits are given. Sometimes the main reason the person wants the content you spent considerable time and effort to create is to make a profit off of it and could care less about crediting and promoting the real content creator, you.

      Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your creations:

      Step 1 : Documentation
      Upload your creation to Planet Minecraft as soon as it is ready and before you share it with anyone else. Doing this gives you something super important that proves you were the one who made what you're sharing: a date and time attached to exactly when your creation was first shared. This timestamp and any other documentation helps prove ownership.

      Tip: If you don't want to share your post publicly, you can still protect your content with this step! Create your submission but uncheck "Publish Live". This will draft your post so only you can see it!

      Step 2 : Consider a License
      Register your creation for a Creative Commons License. You might be familiar with this already as you might have seen it on other posts already. It's a simple step that allows you to express exactly when and how your creation should be used by others. You can get started on creating your CC License here: https://creativecommons.org/choose/.

      Note: legally you are the owner of any skin or texture you make regardless the license you may put in place for it. Posting to PMC for timestamp reasons is a great way to protect and prove! Technically, the right to any skin or texture is the same as a painter having the right to their painting. Painters use canvases and so do you! Just in a different medium! There's a great article on The Informed Illustrator regarding digital art & copywright law that's worth reading if you need clarity on this subject.

      Step 3 : Knowledge
      If someone asks you if they can use something you made, do a bit of research! Something as simple as visiting that person's profile here or on their linked social media pages may help you determine if they mean well. Be cautious of new members reaching out to you who have empty profiles, no linked accounts and no posts here. Ask questions when people request to use your work such as where it will be posted, how it will be credited and who will see your work. Make sure you are getting credit for your own work and that it won't be put behind advertising links, sold or behind paid access.

      Step 4 : Common sense
      Listen to your gut! You have every right to say no and you don't have to have a reason why. Saying no doesn't mean you're selfish or mean. If something doesn't feel right and you think someone might be dishonest, don't give them permission.

      Step 5 : Raise Awareness
      Learn more and get involved in protecting your work and others. Share these steps. Helping others understand how to protect themselves can be just as important as protecting yourself. Awareness sites like https://stopmodreposts.org/ have been helping this cause for years!

      We hope that this helps you protect yourself and your work. Your creations are valuable and so are you!

      Happy Crafting,
      Planet Minecraft Team
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      August 12, 2019, 9:37 pm with Public
      August 12, 2019, 9:28 am to Public

      Thought I'd mark this occasion with a wallpost! All Might is my No. 1 skin :D

      Today - 11pm-ish August 12th 2019 - marks the day I noticed that All Might had overtaken Jason in my gallery for 'Best' skin.

      I've looong been bothered by how Jason had the top spot - I don't necessarily hate the skin itself, but I didn't think it represented what I had to offer as a skinner. Where some other skinners trim their galleries (not that I condemn the practice), I've kept a rule of generally not removing skins to showcase my very gradual progression. By maintaining a gallery in this way, I get to remind myself and show others that "practice makes perfect, however long it takes".

      Of course that leaves me with a dilemma - I wasn't fond of Jason at top-spot, but I can't remove him. About a month ago though, I noticed All Might had caught up and had overtaken Yokai Slayer for second place. And at long last, at some point between then and just now, All Might broke through to numero uno.

      Couldn't be more fitting; thank you for listening to my TED Talk. : )

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      January 25, 2019, 5:29 am with Public
      January 24, 2019, 5:33 pm to Public
      3 years ago, BIO posted a ticket about the possibility of posting multiple skins per skin submission, in the case of mulitple alternative skin files. Back then the support for this suggestion was huge.

      I'm interested in knowing, how many people would still be interested in such a feature today. Therefore, I have made a poll on the forums I'd love if you could vote in: It's right here.

      Thank you very much.
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