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USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (1926), (1944 configuration)

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The map download is actually a map download this time, not a litematic file.

This is a 1:1 Minecraft build of the cruiser USS Salt Lake City

This build is basically Pensacola with paint slapped on it, but there are some subtle differences, as well as some things that I fixed that were not on Pensacola, such as propeller guards, and the raising of the number 3 turret up by one block.

This build was also requested about half a year ago by a friend of mine.

Now for the history.

  Salt Lake City was a Pensacola class cruiser, laid down in 1927, commissioned in 1929 as CL-25, and had the (unofficial) distinction of having taken part in more combat engagements than any other ship in the Pacific Fleet in
World War II, and in the process, earning 11 battle stars.

Her early service saw her begin her first extended cruise, visiting Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; Culebra, Virgin Islands; Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, Brazil; then returned to Guantanamo Bay, joining Cruiser Division 2 (CruDiv 2) of the Scouting Force. She was then redesignated as CA-25 on July 1, 1931, in accordance with the terms of the London Naval Treaty. From October 1933 - January 1934, Salt Lake City underwent overhaul at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; then resumed duty with CruDiv 4. She participated in more extended cruisers, fleet maneuvers, and gunnery training until the start of World War II.

On 7 December 1941, when the United States was brought into World War II, Salt Lake City was with the Enterprise task group, returning from Wake Island, 200 nmi (230 mi; 370 km) west of Pearl Harbor when they received word of the attack. The ships entered Pearl Harbor toward sundown on the 8th. Salt Lake City operated with Task Force 8 (TF 8) until 23 December. In February, Enterprise's task force carried out air strikes in the eastern Marshalls at Wotje, Maloelap, and Kwajalein to reduce enemy seaplane bases. While conducting shore bombardment during those strikes, Salt Lake City came under air attack and assisted in downing two Japanese bombers.

In April, she escorted TF 16, which launched the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo and other Japanese cities, and returned to Pearl Harbor on 25 April. Salt Lake City also participated in the Battle of Midway, providing rear guard protection for the islands. She later participated in Solomon Islands campaign, as a part of TF 64, along with the cruisers Boise, Helena, and San Francisco. She fought in the Battle of Cape Esperance, sinking the Japanese cruiser, Furutaka, the destroyer
Fubuki, the flagship cruiser Aoba severely damaged, and a third cruiser, Kinugasa, lightly damaged. Only a single destroyer of the five-ship force escaped damage. Salt Lake City herself only sustained three major hits during the action.

She spent the next four months at Pearl Harbor undergoing repairs and replenishing. Late in March 1943, she departed for the Aleutian Islands and operated from Adak Island to prevent the Japanese from supporting their garrisons on Attu and Kiska. She fought in the Battle of the Komandorski Islands, receiving major damage during the battle, but she survived the battle. Salt Lake City later covered the American liberation of Attu and Kiska which ended the Aleutian Campaign. She departed Adak on 23 September and sailed, via San Francisco, to Pearl Harbor where she arrived on 14 October. She spent the rest of the war escorting carrier strike groups, and conducting shore bombardment until the end of the war, when she participated in Operation Magic Carpet to bring US servicemen back home. She was decommissioned on August 29, after surviving two atomic bombs from Operation Crossroads, and expended as a target hull, sinking on 25 May 1948, 130 mi (110 nmi; 210 km) off the coast of Southern California and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 18 June 1948.

In Minecraft, she is similar to her sister Pensacola, with a few differences, the most visible being the camouflage she dons, as she is painted in Camouflage Measure 32, Design 14d, which was worn by both Pensacola and Salt Lake City, but I built Salt Lake City with the intention of putting camo on her to distinguish herself from her sister ship. The ship has no major changes, just minor visual changes and fixes that I made to Salt Lake City that were not added to Pensacola, such as the raising of the third turret, changing of the radar array, changing the area around the second funnel to the rear mast, and adding on propeller guards on the sides of the ship.

Hope you enjoy : )
You can use my builds if you wish, just make sure you credit me. Thanks!

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Sources from Wikipedia: USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) - Wikipedia
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