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jessy999's Avatar jessy999
Level 45 : Master Wolf
[! Important I have built this map in the 1.11.2 and I do not know if everything goes still in the higher versions!]

Hello Minecraft friends ^^
For this contest I build a villa for the first time. \\ (^^) //
In spite of that, I think that I am well done ^ ^
If so, can you show me a diamond C:
Since the beginning of the contest, I have planned my villa and built up piece by piece.
The pictures do not show 100% the whole villa (if you want to look at the whole villa you have to download it already ^ ^)
The first picture (which you also get when downloading the map synonymous) I have a day spent.
(If the image is not even a diamond value then I do not know P)
Well you can decide for yourself whether you give me a diamond and support me or not. Your decision.
Hello i am jessy999 and her since fammilie?
Hello family Bamba, I show you the Villa One today.
If I should ask them through the Quraz gate ^^. This is the Villa One.
It is family friendly. She has a day night sensor in the garden so all the lamen she can see in the night and this all by itself.
This villa designed and built jessy999 so I; P
Why do I sell my own villa: Well, because I like to build and always want to do something new because it's fun. ^^
Ok, to the right of ihenen you can see a family friendly Imoto. This can reach a speed of 200 KM / H.
On the left they see some botany to beautify ^^
Good! Then we go through the door.
Here they see the large entrance hall ^ ^ The very many cabinets.
Then we go in the right hall.
Here they see the bedroom. This is furnished with a flat screen TV, 2 huge boxes, 2 beds and with very many wardrobes.
Go to the next room. The next room would be the workshop. Here they can first get to their car and for the second they can assemble an F-1 car.
On their left, they find an F-1 frightened without inner life. In the remaining space are all the remaining tools they need to create an F-1 dare.
Then go to the next room. The Office.
Here you will find very many files, 3 desks with a 5 Terrabite large PC. They can also see a billiard table in the right corner.
Now we enter the last room on this wing.
The girl's room. This room is kept in violet. This room offers besides the many cupboards also a bed and a 2 Terrabite large PC.
Next we can go into the other wing.
Here they immediately see the guest room the 1 to 1 like the bedroom only the two beds are small.
Next we would have the garden room. Here you will find 4 different tree species, a Netherfarm, many plants and an access to the garden. In the garden they see left a wine field and right 2 swings.
If we run the way we are behind the house. Here you will find a swimming pool and a beautiful view.
Well, now we go weier. Next we would have the living room. This has a giant flat screen, 2 big boxes and again 2 XXL boxes.
Very comfortable furnished.
So there we were in the last room on this floor arrived the boys room. This looks as much as the girl's room except that it has a blue carpet as a violet.
Continue to the top.
Above we have 2 accesses to the rear Balkong where even a grill stands and an access to the front balcony.
On the upper right we have a huge kitchen with microwave, a huge cooking area, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and much more ^ ^.
Next to the kitchen we have a bathroom with everything you need. A bathtub, a shower, a toilet.
Right on the other side we have the same bath room for guests.
Next to the door of the guest bathroom we have a gym.
In the gym there is a yogamatte, a barbell of a weight of 100Kg, and a treadmill.
In the final room, we have a whole library with over 2 thousand different books.
So family Bamba how do you find the villa. It costs 1.8mio pounds.
With kind regards jessy999 \\ (^^) //Villa One Minecraft Map

[! Important I have built this map in the 1.11.2 and I do not know if everything goes still in the higher versions!]
Progress100% complete

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12/09/2017 10:42 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Hunter
Autumn-Rose's Avatar
i am inspired! ^^ awesome villa! a diamond
fo you
12/09/2017 11:13 am
Level 45 : Master Wolf
jessy999's Avatar
Thx ^^
08/24/2017 3:32 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
subpartikel's Avatar
I love the house :)
08/24/2017 4:00 pm
Level 45 : Master Wolf
jessy999's Avatar
thx ^^
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